Why Use a Dangerous Exercise?

I found this vid and I’m confused.

Joe DeFranco is a great coach and everyone loves WS4SB, but this seems way more dangerous than even a thumbless bench press. One roll the wrong way and you get a dumbell shaped dent in your face. I guess it could have carryover to wrestling or MMA or something. Anyone ever try it?

Seems fine to me, dont see the concern.

every see the strongman stuff where they have the overhead with the rocks?

I like how guys will take an already existent lift and name if after themselves.

That’s pretty much a strongman event where they have to lift odd shaped objects (could be stones, blocks of alluminum, etc…) overhead. Guys have been lifting odd shaped objects overhead for decades (Kubik’s Dinosaur training for example).

I’ve never done it with a dumbbell, but I have lifted rocks, logs, and people overhead. If you really want a challenge try lifting a heavy bag of water overhead. The water will always move to the weakest point. Doing so will also put a tremendous amount of strain on your grip.

I get all that. I was just confused because the way his hands were, it looked like it could’ve easily rolled out of his grip especially when he added the leg drive.

With the larger odd objects, it doesn’t seem as likely to have them just “accidentaly” slip out of place without warning. Guess I could be wrong though. Thanks for the replies.

Doesn’t seem dangerous. It looks clumsy (on the shoulder) when moving from one hand to two.

Never seen Defranco make any claim to such an exercise. Maybe it’s another Defranco who made it up.

I think George is his dad. His dad is jacked.

just the amount of time it took just to set up says it all. i hate it when they disable comments as well. man up.