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Why Under 20% Bodyfat?


Why is it that you need lower than 20% body-fat? Is it something to do with the test turning in to estrogen from excess fat? Sorry for the noob question I tried to research this and couldn't find much on this subject.


Partly, i did a cycle over 20% bf, got high blood pressure towards the end, plus insulin sensitivity is lower at higher bf so muscle gain isn't as efficient and it is easier to store more body fat.


also if you're over 20% then your diet sucks, and there's no point cycling til you have that shit locked down.

Just as well Prof X doesn't post in the AAS subforum, could you imagine what'd happen to this thread? lol


when i stay at a leaner BF% my gains are better... this has been my experience.... and getting bigger and staying lean is nice... always beach ready.


x2. Anyone taking (or considering taking) AAS should be "beach ready". Better insulin sensitivity, better control on diet.


I agree as that's how I do it too, but many powerlifters, strongmen, and linemen would disagree with us...


theres a difference between strength gains and muscle gain... any time i put on any amount of weight (fat, muscle, or water) i get stronger.