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Why Type 2 is Low in Norepinefrine, but Type 1 is "Adrenalin Junkie"?


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Arise from the depths of the interwebs! Arise thread, ARISE!!!

Okay… okay, I really do have a real question. Since we’re already dabbling in psychology and neurology, I’ll go ahead and throw the question out there.

Main question immediately below:
*Is someone who’s correctly been DX’d adhd almost always going to be a type 1 of some sort? Would it matter if the DX was predominantly inattentive, hyperactive, or mixed?

While I’m at it, are certain neurotypes more prone to certain pychological disorders than others?

Free flow of thought below:
*There is self interest regarding this question. It’s not merely idle curiosity (granted that can be fun too :slight_smile: ). So I’ll go ahead lay out some details about myself.

I have been DX’d adhd pi and both the psych. and I are very confident regarding this DX. That’s not to say I don’t have any hyperactive symptoms, I definitely do.

Regarding the hyperactivity symptoms, strength training has helped bring more relief to those symptoms than any medicine, therapy, or supplement. But I know I get the best relief of these symtoms by training heavy and/or explosively, lots of variation in the lifts themselves, and choosing technical lifts. Btw, I’m heavily influenced by Westside BB training methodologies. Cardio and traditional high volume BB training just don’t cut it.

I know you’ve also said that type 1’s can be your adrenaline junkies. I know that I also do my best in literally ‘life or limb’ situations’. Real examples in my life include fast complex reactions to sudden and dangerous situations while driving on the highway, and also being attacked by a German Shepard and somehow being quick witted enough, fast enough, and strong enough to drive it away while only receiving superficial damage. I’m like a cat with 9 lives in the sense that when situations arise where people think I’ll definitely get hurt I come out just fine. Granted, I feel like dog doo for a couple days afterwards because of the massive adrenaline dump from said situations.

However, I don’t do as well as most others when it just comes down to the ‘daily grind’ and mundane chores, etc, etc. In martial arts I would be pretty mediocre during training (except for brief moments where there was real possibility of getting hurt) but in comp I would shine.

I feel like this would put me in type 1A or 1B. Do you have any resources or insights that could help me narrow it down?

If all you feel like reading and replying to is my first question, just that would make me very happy! Certainly no hate if you don’t come around to this thread necro. I know just that one has the potential to go pretty in depth and I know you’re a very busy person. FWIW, this is my way of saying I value and respect your time.


I’ve been told not to write wall of texts that go all over the place for readers comprehension - make that more straight to the point :wink:

Although the way you write reminds me of myself so type 1A or 1B depending on how far you are on the ADHD spectrum lol. Patiently waiting for the online test.



Thx for the feedback.

I’ve tried different cholinergics in the past like GPC and the results suggest that I already have high choline levels since cholinergics are like despair and stomach issues in a pill/powder. Even lecithin.

So I’m guessing type 1B. Especially since people are surprised by my total work capacity. Not just weights, but everything else I can throw on top of that.


1Bs can have a high work capacity. I work with a member of the national bobsled team who is a 1B and has a huge tolerance for volume. The more acetylcholine a type 1B has, the more volume he can tolerate because it protects their dopamine.


Would you recommend a 1A supplementing stuff like alpha GPC? … eat more eggs? Anything that is potentially going to improve acetylcholine