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Why TV Sucks


Okay, NOW I'm pissed. The only half decent comedy on network TV is being pulled: http://edition.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/TV/11/11/television.shows.reut/index.html

I guess people need to be told when it's okay to laugh (cue laugh track), or the jokes need to be so obvious that you can see them coming a mile away. Arrested Development did neither, and is now deemed unfit for the average viewer.

What does this tell us? Well, it seems that much like the obesity epidemic, the "TV idiot" epidemic is sweeping North America. While it's "okay" if you didn't like AD, I have to question the fact that people don't like AD but enjoy the other moronic shit available.

I mean seriously, is there anything on TV (or in the movies for that matter) that isn't so redundant, a 5 year old can predict what will happen?



Moving it off Sunday night was stupid.


Damn. Now what I am I going to do on Monday nights?

Dave and I will probably just become regulars at The Million Dollar Restaurant. :wink:



I've never heard of it, but with the exception of CSI, I don't watch network TV. Mainly because of the stupidity factor.


TV does suck, with the exception of a few things: The Simpsons, Looney Tunes, the Discovery Channel and some of the movie channels (Starz).

It's also nice to catch the news now and again, but other than that, the OC can blow me.

-the Boomster


This really bites. AD was hands down the funniest show on TV in years, I'm sad to see it go.


Anyone been tuning in to The Colbert Report?? Probably my new favorite show, Hell I might even like it more than the Daily Show.


Yeah arrested development is pretty funny but there are still a few good comedy's out there... try watching the office or malcolm in the middle... theyre half decent.


Yeah, I really don't understand why no one watches Arrested. It sucks.


Modern suburbia just doesn't like satyrical but accurate portrayals of moders suburbia. The thing I realy liked about that show is that I know families that contain all of those elements. It was more realistic than those dumb ass reality shows.


They cancelled Arrested Development on the same day the renewed freddie Prinze, Jr's show.

Why? Because the American public are idiots who like shit. Thoroughly depressing.


That was the funniest show I can remember watching in my 22 short years...



A truly sad day in my life. I have friends who call Arrested Development "stupid" and "pointless" yet they sing the praises of Laguna Beach from upon high. It looks like Curb Your Enthusiasm is the last remaining bastian of witty, intelligent, and UNIQUE comedic satire on television.



Curb Your Enthusiasm is my favorite show right now!

I also used to watch SCRUBS but NBC took that show off too.....


I can understand that the majority of lazy TV watchers don't like the show, but how do all those other shows stay on that nobody watches?

There are hundreds of channels with nothing worth watching on all the time.

I don't see how this show can't continue just because of its lack of popularity.


Sports Night...Scrubs...Arrested Development all gone. The one common thread they all shared?? They were ALL funny shows with NO laugh track. I know its really nice to not have the laugh track in there because the audience will "get it" anyway, but seriously.. How many good shows need to go away because of it?


I love all those. I'm not sure Scrubs is gone for good, though.


Christ, I can't believe someone just mentioned Sports Night. I absolutely loved that show. I was just talking to a freind about the "no laugh track" phenomenon yesterday. It's incredible that people would rather be told to laugh instead of utilizing that pile of trash above their eyes to figure out when the f--- they should laugh.



I totally agree with you. Have you guys seen My Name is Earl yet? It's a funny show that's doing really well in the ratings, and I hope that this show will lead to less laugh tracks.

I looked it up, and they are currently filming a full season of Scrubs. Although it's not official, it will probably return in January.


See, it's on Fox. This means that once a show gains a following, it must be cancelled immediately!!