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Why Tren?

What makes trenbolone so appealing to the cattle industry? If weight gain is their main concern, why aren’t there dianabol or anadrol implants? Or is their goal, the strongest and hardest cows possible?

I’m working on my agriculture degree. I’m quite certain there is a reason for this but i will need to go look it up.

However, what comes to mind is the high androgenic to anabolic ratio that tren has. This ratio is the highest of any steroid i believe. I’ll try to post a more complete answer a bit later.


Finaplex is only used in the last approx 63 days before slaughter. Besides this farmers use Synovex S Steer Implants which contain progesterone and estradiol or Synovex H Heifer Implants, which contain testosterone propionate and estradiol benzoate These cause weight gain from extra water and fat.
Fina is used because it is a very strong anabolic (twice as potent as testosterone) There is no need for dbol or anadrol, as the estradiol and progesterone have a large part to play.

Here is what i have discovered. P22 is right, fina is used almost exclusively in feedlot heifers (female cows) for finishing them (last 3 months or so) before slaughter. It is selected because of its high androgenic component (something that female cows inheriently lack). There are a good 10 or 15 other types of implants used, but fina is one of the strongest (most others have estrogenic components in addition to fina). It’s apparently also selected because it works well as a growth stimulant but doesnt make the animal too difficult to handle. The object is not to have an animal full of retained water, but to be meaty and solid. This is why finaplix is favored.