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Why Train Legs?

Im a noob, and I was just wondering, why do people train legs(like all the squats and deadlifts and hamstring and quad and calve exercises)? Because I am thinking of not training them because I am not particularly looking to build my legs??(I am not playing a sport competitively)…

also one more question, how long is a good workout for a full body workout?(assuming I go 3 times a week). Is 35-40 minutes too short?(this time is not including abs, which i do at home)


Whew…thanks for the laugh!

Best thread ever

oh god i feel like a fool but can someone please tell me why

  1. Squats and deadlifts release GH.
  2. 46% of your body is your legs
  3. Lightbulbs are gay
  4. Chicken legs are gay
  5. Big legs look cool
  6. Squats improve your vert
  7. You need about 15lb of mass to gain 1" on your arm, thats overall body mass INCLUDING legs. More mass you gain, bigger your arms.
  8. A good pair of legs will balance out your entire physique.

Thats all i can think for now. Ill let the more knowledgeable chip in.

One more question: is doing squats and those exercises multiple times a week bad for knees and stuff?

[quote]casrol wrote:
One more question: is doing squats and those exercises multiple times a week bad for knees and stuff?[/quote]

Not if you do them right. If you already have screwed up knees, though…

full squats are good for the knees(especially if you sit back)

deadlifts are good for the back

both are only good with right form. with wrong form they can kill you. ok more like send you to the hospital but yeah.

btw i love how you said you dont want to work legs adn then asked about a full body workout.

The best thing for you:


i am not really into my the aesthetics of my quadriceps either, but i still make sure to do squats because it is a huge muscle and a little improvement there should go a long way. squats also stimulate the calves well and that is one of the first things i look for on a bodybuilder

I found this for proper squat and deadlift form…someone else posted it somewhere for me:


Its taking alot of will power not to respond the way alot of us want to respond…

Total body INCLUDES legs; unless your a double amputee.

Whether your really young (teen) or just a newb to the site; post less and read more.

Read stickies; they help.
Use the SEARCH bar.


don’t forget legs ARE important to girls, and your ass does matter… so even if you aren’t going to compete in a sport or be a bodybuilder or _______, it’s important.

I think the real question here is, why base your training and your life around the need to garner positive attention from other people.

Try being your own person, then you won’t have to ask questions like “why train legs”.

Quit being a sissy boy, and get under the damn squat rack!

I hope you are trolling.

This ain’t so surprising to me, I actually did the same as a beginner and lots of kids and “vets” at my gym are sporting the lightbulb frame… I actually didn’t train my legs for the first 3 months or so… (to my own defense, I always had huge fucking legs anyway) but If I could go back, I’d back-slap myself and get under the squat rack.

Just so you know, working your legs will actually make you stronger everywhere.

Didnt ya know? Women dig the chicken legs :slight_smile:

Erm, between your glutes (your ass) and quads (front of leg) you have 2/3 biggest muscles in your body… and you wonder WHY you should squat etc etc…
As said for 1 inch on your arms you need alot of mass on your frame… benching and curling just wont do it.