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Why Threads Can't Stay On Topic


Why is it almost every thread that is a hot button runs the spectrum of wild crazy ideas. It is almost like the crazy gene comes out in full force when a good topic comes up. It is really sad when good topics get destroyed.

Does anyone have any idea why we can't keep things on topic?


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It's called lack of (1) writing abilities (2) reading comprehension (3) clingy belief syndrome and the (4) agenda flu. Seriously.

1) Writing abilities

I've debated people on these forums hundreds of times and they've gotten all pissed at me becuase I replied specifically to what they WROTE. On many occasions, it comes out that this is not what they MEANT but they still WROTE it.

2) Reading comprehension abilities

People don't take the time to really READ and UNDERSTAND what you did, in fact, WRITE. They see one or two words in your post and they automatically make a connection to some belief of theirs without really READING your post. I would say the lack of reading comprehension outweighs the lack of writing ability here; but not by much.

3) Clingy belief syndrome

I think everyone is guilty of this. When your beliefs are challenged, most people resist what's being written even more. Unfortunately this usually follows the lack of reading comprehension of understanding what you actually WROTE.

4) Agenda flu

A subject is written about. All the person needs to see is the subject or a word and they have not only a belief system around the aforementioned subject but they have an agenda and want to share it with anyone and everyone. Most recent example is the Kobe training thread. The thread is all about how Kobe trains. Not too many posts in and then you get a number of people denouncing Kobe and the ground he walks on. Just start a new thread on how much you hate him and don't pollute the original thread's subject matter. But I digress...

And these are a few of the reasons why people are stupid and I hate most of them :slight_smile:


howarddean is a nice man.



Last time I checked, haney, you were on the Atheists thread babbling about historical evidence for a particular bearded, sandal-wearing peacemonger, which had nothing to do with the original thread. Nice try though!


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I didn't say I was not guilty of it.

I asked why.

That thread was already gone wrong before I even posted.


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because people feel that their side needs to be heard, even when nobody gives a damn. Take the atheist thread for example, why did the T-Nation christians feel the need to come and post there? It just started a confrontation that has spiralled into a bloody awful mess.

Another reason is that people have no bloody idea what it is they are really arguing over. The ID thread is a lovely example of this. You have ID supporters bashing evolution because it doesn't explain the origins of life...when guess for it... evolution theory has nothing to do with the origins of life (abiogenesis).

Coincidentally, alot of the threads with issues that go off track have alot to do with subjects that "threaten" certain religious groups.


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Seriously, though, you can't help but notice this and it bothers me at times. I good topic or question turns into a side debate, a pissing contest, or just trash talking most of the time, with the original post being bashed, and no questions answered.

I don't know why, but nothing will change it. Acknowledge, move on.


This is a good valid post!

Too bad the guy got flamed for it like a crispy critter on the 'cue

Threads cannot stay on topic because people are compelled and feel the need to spread their opinions; they need to be heard and the Internet has allowed that without repercussions or the actual physical threat of a cuff to the back of the head to "stay focused" on the discussion at hand

Of course you can always be like me and semi-hijack a thread by inserting your own question(s) or playing devil's advocate; other than that if it a straightforward query I try to help out where I can with what meager lifting knowledge I can add :stuck_out_tongue:

I come here to learn and desseminate the gleaned kernels of lifting knowledge so I can wreak havoc in the gym intelligently.

Ater all the babbling, does this X-Vest under my shirt make me look fat? :stuck_out_tongue: j/k



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Can someone tell me how I can look like Bradd Pitt? Is there an exercise to chisel your jaw like that?


It's all George Bush's fault.


yea, i'm fifteen and running 500oz of test i bought online, how can i avoid eating and still get huge, like brad pit? heavy wieght hurt's my muscle, how can i work around that? i am currently 125lb's and i think it's time to cut, right?


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