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Why Thin People Suck


Well, there was another thread about some idiot doctor saying anorexia and malnourishment was a disease. More like thin people are a disease! Post anything having to do with your dislike of the thin-kin of the world.

Firstly, I hate how they're cold all the fucking time.


This kid is just pathetic. I know darn well that there's plenty of animals about in Biafra. This kid should tell his parents to GO FUCKING GET HIM SOME MEAT!

If he wanted to gain weight badly enough, he'd just go spear a giraffe on his own.

I just feel so... superior... when I laugh at these sad fuckers.


thin people suck because, they never lift weights and are useless in a survival situation, except to eat.


And look at this nasty thinny! I bet she never grew up with any social or outside factors manipulating her mindset into becoming something she's not.

No, she just needs to pick up a fucking Hershey's bar!

I also hate having sex with thin people. It's like pile-driving firewood lul.


That girl looks like a skeleton.

"Pile-driving firewood" made me lol.


Fatty and Skinny
Went to bed.
Fatty rolled over
And Skinny was dead.


ha ha... I wonder if this thread will blow up like the fat one.


SSC, what is the most you have ever weighed?


Dude doesn't that piss you off they can't handle some 60 degree weather that is comfortable. But the skinny fucks need some 80 degree shit. I love how anorexic fucks with no muscle definition think they can tell me how to lift, I not only bench more straight up but compared to body weight also, so shut the fuck up. I love the lil guys that have ILS and walk with their arms all the way out.

I also just love how they are superior in their own minds. Hell, in their own minds they are damn near legends of bodybuilding and hall of fame powerlifters. LOL these dumb fucks.

Here is my personal favorite. lil guy= LG LG comes up to me and says I have been tryin to gain weight for like 10 years and just can't do it. I say eat more that is how I did it. LG says I do eat a lot. I say tell me what you ate today. LG says for breakfast an apple for lunch a small bowl of salad and some pasta, and for dinner I am having fish and a salad. WTF they call that a lot, that is just above a holocaust survivors rations.


Umm I like to say that the kid in Africa CAN'T do anything about his skinniness unlike fat people can. And mind you he is probably and orphan or has 20 other "brothers" and "sisters". And do you really think he can hold a spear?

I've been called skinny many of times but I did something about it. I trained harder with heavier weights and started to eat a shit load. Again, I did something about it. (I understand it can be harder for fat people but it can be done)

But yes thin to very thin girls is a big turn off for me. My gf is ~150lbs on a 5'9" frame and is neither fat nor is she skinny.(She has thick legs from volleyball for 6 year of her life big yes please for me!) So to all girls not all guys like that 90lbs-110lbs girl.


Pics or you're a liar.



You need to read the Fat People Suck thread to see what SSC meant by posting the skinny child above.


Of the girl friend? lol

Was it out of reaction of the fat thread? I did post in there however, my post was concerned with fat/large paramedics in my region that were out of shape due to being overweight. I didn't attack common fat individuals just one's in the health field that can be physically demanding at times.


This is what I hate about thin people.


What? that ugly bitches like to be near them?


You're either young or a pedophile.


I see what you did there. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


if your staying thin?

then, yes, you need to do something about that

but if your a little kid, I don't know if i can blame them...although, you could probably make a case...


Easy on the ad hominem there.
Guess you missed my point.

I'm 21. When you're in a band illegal friends are commonplace unfortunately. Best picture I could find to illustrate.


-is that you in the pic?

-"in a band"? are you saying you are "in a band" and thats why those two girls are in the pic with you?