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Why the wait?

Hey guys,

I asked a question earlier about doing a cycle of deca and stated that I had been seriuosly lifting for only 1 full year. The response was, and hear this all the time, to wait until I have more experiance and have been lifting for 4-6 years. My question is why? I am a fast gainer, and other then having to lose more body fat, am really not sure of how much more mass I can add naturally. I’m sure I could get stronger, but mass wise did you guys notice a difference after a solid year of serious training? If i keep training sensibly and hard, why will it matter if I start to cycle early on? I’m really curious, I don’t want to do something that is going to hurt me in the long run, and have alot of friends who have already cycle’d and haven’t been lifting as long as me.

Any help is appreciated.

I do not think it is the wisest choice to juice with only one year or so of training under your belt. You said it yourself, that you are a fast gainer. Keep on gaining naturally for another year or two before you go the other route. Realistically, doing a couple of cycles isn’t going to hurt you, but why, when you probably have only scratched the surface in your training?? IN MY OPINION, the majority of lifters can achieve 10% BF, get close to doubling their bw in the bench press, and atleast double bw for the squat and DL. If you are not close to those numbers, keep training your ass off naturally. Just my two cents

I think everyone is a fast gainer in the first year. If you think you can’t add muscle naturally after this first year then you really do more need experience with training and diet research and experimentation! What does your current training program and diet look like? Obviously all this is just advice and it’s your choice. But tell me this: WHY do you want to start your first cycle now? If the gains haven’t stopped (and even thats usually not a reason to start, because diet and training can usually be modified to get em going again if you know what to do and haven’t reached your natural max… which is way more than you probably think) then why start?

I have been lifting for 10 yrs clean and Ive made consistent gains every year. Actually my best gains came the last 2 yrs of training.

You obviously are dieing to get on the juice so go ahead. Don’t lose sleep over it, satisfy your curiosity. The reasons to wait are so that you can tap out every other available source of muscle and power, which in turn maximizes the effects of the juice when you finally do take it. You also tend to be a wiser lifter so you don’t do dumb shit like try to bench 800 lbs. just because your feeling particularly strong that day; so you tear your shoulder off and are never able to lift hard again. Also you tend to know which excercises work best for you and hence, utilize that knowlege. Hell, I know how it is though. If it’s eatin’ at you to try them go ahead and let it rip and get it out of your system. I would stick with safer shit like primobolan, winstrol, or deca. BUT, PLEASE FOR FUCK’S SAKE…utilize the information on this site, regarding cycles, first time users, and training stuff and follow it to a T (no pun intended). If you do that, I don’t forsee any problems. There are other good sources of info, but it is scattered so it’s easier to stick with what is available. Definately don’t listen to the juice monger in the gym who mixes d-bol, nubain and everclear and claims he can “feel it working”. He will steer you wrong.Have fun.

The main reason for waiting to do your first cylcle is an important one and shouldn’t be casually brushed aside. I can undestand your impatience, but use it to help push yourself forward rather than allowing it keep you from acting wisely. What you learn in your first few years is fundamental. It’s so very important to understand what will give you results. Steroids won’t do all of the work for you but you may see results in spite of mistakes you may be making. Starting a cycle now may possible put you in a place that you currently don’t know how to maintain. What good will it be to blow up only to lose most of it when you’re between cycles? Learn proper diet and get some solid knowledge of training. This comes not just from reading but DOING, understand that it takes time to build up experience. Don’t get me wrong, I think that steroids are great but with only a year of training you simply don’t have the experience to best utilize them. Lots of luck to you and best wishes.