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Why the Trap Bar Deadlift is Completely Useless

My trap bar is my favorite toy. Them there is fighting words!

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Like I hinted at Mark for me is a mix bag. He is a smart guy but at times he says thing that make me say WTF. I am more of a fan of his original mentor.


In what world can I pull more weight on a barbell than a trap bar? Even low-handles.

To be fair, I’ve not found any kind of deadlift to be useful.

Wait, this isn’t the flame free thread…


I can pull more on a bar than low handles. I can actually pull more from a deficit with the trap bar than I can from the floor. My proportions for them is absolute garbage and I genuinely can’t sit in it like a squat. I always have my hips high and pull it like a conventional deadlift.

As far as the video goes, again Mark is just being the ignorant “one-gallon-or-die” man he is. Some will follow, others will challenge. Just do what you enjoy doing and get better at doing it.


He’s easy (and fun) to mock though, and his acolytes are even more so.

Not aware enough of Bill Starrs work to comment.

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Been drinking the Paul Carter kool-aid I see :joy:


Burn the heretic!

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Come at me ya bunch of clown dicks.

(I’m never letting that term die.)


Bill is consider by many as the godfather of strength training for athletes.

Bill starr only the strongest


I’ve heard that many places, injust don’t know enough about his specific ideas and recommendations to have any opinions.

I believe he had a big hand in Arnold’s training too.

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Dorian Yates didn’t get the memo, I guess.

Literal lulz here. Though I shitcanned regular DL’s a long time I ago I think it’s silly to say they’re useless for all bodybuilders.

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