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Why the Late Night Munchies?

I eat the 6 small meals per day. Start off with a healthy good breakfast (egg whites, toast). Mix in a couple good protien shakes per day (40g of protein each), and a good high protein dinner.

Ever since I started lifting with a trainer, I am starving…like seriously famished, late at night. It’s killing my weight loss. I couldnt cut right now if my middle name was razor.

Any advice on how to avoid late night munchies, and if I cant resist, what is the best thing to eat?

Thanks in advance!


It’s probably that you’re used to eating a whole bunch of food at dinner, and now you’re eating much less, and your stomach expects much more.

In a few weeks, it should go away as your stomach shrinks and your mind begins to grasp the idea that your six meals are it.

In the meantime,

  1. drink a bunch of water before your last meal. It’ll help get you full
  2. make your last meal a BIG plate of meat and veggies (and healthy fats). Veggies get and keep you full, as does meat. Salad with half-pound of chicken/steak is my last meal, usually eaten three hours before bedtime.
  3. Eat closer to bedtime. 2 hours is plenty to have the food digest before you go to sleep, and eating closer to when you go to sleep could keep you from being hungry.
  4. Eat less shakes and more solid food. They keep you fuller longer.
  5. Take your fish oil. The EFA’s increase your body’s supply of leptin, which is a hormone that regulates satiaity(sp?).
  6. Switch to Metabolic Drive for your last meal of the day. Same gig as point #2.
  7. Take HOT-ROX. I don’t normally recommend supplements to newbies, but I figured the list was large enough that you could know it and not use it unless you’re really, really desperate. One of the elements in HOT-ROX (I think it’s the yohimbe) acts as an appetite suppressant. It’s not a major effect, but it does work.
  8. Eat better. Egg whites and toast is not a good breakfast. Carbs get you hungry real fast. Make your last few meals protein and fat. If you’re confused as to how your diet could be better, post it and we’ll see what could be tweaked to improve performance.

That’s really all I could think of off the top of my head. Hows your fat loss going?


WOW. Great advice! Any tips on TRULY burpless fish oil? I havent found a good one yet.

Fat loss isnt going as well as expected after 3 months of 5 days a week with a trainer with some cardio mixed in each week. Muscle growth seems good though. I am starting to look like those other chubby muscular guys in the gym.

Thanks again! The people on this forum are amazing. All the support is great!


I have the same problem. I’ve found on nights where I’m able to push supper back an hour or more I don’t get the cravings as bad. I usually can’t do too much about the 5:30 suppers when my family is all eating, but now that I have kids in soccer I’m eating at 6:45 more often. Makes a world of difference to me.

[quote] jeff wrote:
Any tips on TRULY burpless fish oil? I havent found a good one yet.[/quote]

Keep your fish oil in the fridge.

Take your fish oil with food, too. I hear that keeping it in the fridge or freezer helps.

As far as the late cravings go, Otep has given you some great ideas. Part of it might be habit. I used to eat popcorn at night. Kicking that craving was so dang hard! Silly, huh?

I felt “hungry,” but I think it was just a comfort-habit thing. On #2 above, I’d go one step further & say that I’d go with spinach leaves for that salad. Fresh spinach tastes very different than canned, so if you hate that - try fresh. Try it once - maybe with a few almond slices and/or a few dried cranberries (to kick in a touch of sweetness).

You might like it. Good luck! Work hard & amaze yourself!


Fiber and protein keep you satiated longer. Personally, after my last “meal” I just have a small snack of about 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. Full of slow release protein.

[quote]Otep wrote:
jeff wrote:
Any tips on TRULY burpless fish oil? I havent found a good one yet.

Keep your fish oil in the fridge.[/quote]

mines in the freezer no fish burp at all