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Why the Internet Irritates Me


Wow!! In all fairness the guy said it was his opinion, even though I don’t agree with him one bit, it’s still just his opinion.

I really don’t think steroids give you an edge anyways in MMA. I mean if you got technique, then you can beat a dude bigger than you, using impeccable technique. Gear isn’t going to help you slap on a triangle choke, armbar or any other submission faster.

Also, getting on the sauce isn’t going to make you punch any harder either. Hell, it might even hurt your bones if you did juice, as the bones aren’t getting as strong as your muscles or at the same rate anyways!!

One last thing, I have used a heavy cycle of AAS combined with MMA and I’ll tell you what the only cycle that has really helped get me an edge was EQ and Test. EQ 600mg week and Test E 500mg a week, this helped with some extra RBC’s, thus endurance was amazing!!

But did the gear help my technique? Not one bit!! Did it get me stronger? Sure it did, but hell one of my buddies slapped a submission on me and it didn’t matter how much strength I used he had the position perfect, the timing perfect, the tap out perfect!! So much for my cycle:(

Of course this is just my .02 cents.:wink:

LOL I agree. I posted on that thread just now, but I wonder what the point of it even is. Outside of Sapp, which of those physiques somehow seems unobtainable? Granted those guys are all about performance more so than looking like bodybuilders… but guessing steroids users off of photos like THOSE? It’s not like you are looking at Olympia competitors.


I think this guy was rationalizing his own physique and in turned “projected” steroid use onto those he felt had bodies out of his reach. You’re right, that was a really irritating thread.

Sancho, you’re right…it’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it. i just hate to see that crap on this board, which actually has some really good info, and people here are pretty good about advice. i do agree about strength gains only helping to a point…i saw Bob Sapp fight one time, and he’s not very impressive (well, except he’s friggin huge). he’s just a little too big to really be fluid in the ring…he could still kick the crap out of me, though.