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Why the hell...

Do I like that new Nike Ad so much?

We’re all hip to it right? The one where Lance Armstrong, B. Urlacher, M. Vick, Serena Williams, Marion Jones, The Big Unit and Andre Agassi are playing other sports.

Every time that commercial comes on, I stop whatever I’m doing and watch it till the end. It’s available on the Nike website as well for those who haven’t seen it.

That commercial is amazing to me, I’m spellbound everytime it plays but have yet to figure out why. Maybe because it’s just plain cool? Don’t know… Seeing Urlacher and Vick on the ice makes you think, thats for sure.

Is anyone else feeling the same way? Does anyone hate it?



I really like the adidas one, i don’t know if it is played over in the states.

It’s Muhammud Ali back in the day joggin on the road with a whole load of various sports stars of today and he is leading them, and talking as he goes.


I like everything except M Jones. As a track an field geek I just can’t stand her attitude at meets, towards other competitors and her BS about not knowing that her former husband was all jacked on the juice.
I can’t change toothpaste without my Misses knowing and she baulks at every new supplement I try so don’t give me that BS.
But the rest is cool, a little hokey but still cool.

I love that Nike ad. “right, left, thanks for coming…” The “Big Tex” tatoo just cracks me up, too.

The best is the Addidas add where Ali is boxing his daughter!

I do agree with you about the new Nike add though. At first I was just trying to figure out what the hell was happening.