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Why The F*** Aren't You Watching...


This is to drum up support for the shows I want to stick around longer.

If you are not watching Fringe, something is wrong with you. You are a very bad person.

Also, DC comics came back at Marvel with "Young Justice"...in response to Marvel's "The Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes". Suddenly, cartoons got cool again.


This show is great.

I just started it about 2 months ago and am almost caught up with the new season.

I just saw the episode that introduced the First People...damn it's intriguing.

And Walter must be one of the best characters on TV. Ever.


Fringe, great show. Only problem being that if you haven't watched it from the beginning you are totally lost.


You have a point. It would be like starting to watch the show Lost in the third season wondering what the fuck polar bears have to do with anything.


I've been looking for a new show to get into... what is the premise?


I like Monk.


Fringe Science....in other words, shit that most people think or even "know" based on current tech to be impossible happening due to "mad scientist" efforts.

It is character driven. It is not based on "real science" like CSI is.

They are doing basically what X-Files tried to do but was weighed down by its own mythology.


Also, Fringe is very character driven. If you don't plan on following it from the start, you may not want to bother. That goes for people with super short attention spans also who hate the story and just want to see shit blow up.


I watched the first episode of fringe, I thought it was dreadful. Is it really worth carrying on?


1) What's it about?
2) We're gonna have this DC VS Marvel discussion for eternity


So several people log on talking about how they like it...and that leads you to ask the question you did?

Heard of logic?

If YOU don't like it, then YOU don't watch it.

Where the show is now makes the first season seem like they were just playing with the idea trying to see what worked best.


Young Justice's first two episodes had better fights scenes and even better acting in my opinion than the way Avengers started. Mind you, I really mean acting because these voice actors aren't doing the same bullshit they did when we were kids. Some of these voices are famous and they are taking the roles seriously.

Oh, and that was the first time I liked Robin as a character. That distant "kid laughing" in the shadows is epic and should have been there from day one.


I can't believe Walter doesn't have an Emmy.


I'm looking for a new series, I guess this will be it - thanks.

You have PM's, sir.


I'm too mad to reply. I hope Fringe gets canceled.


Unfortunately it's not going to last much longer. It's been moved to friday night and that's the kiss of death.


Fringe is great, and if it gets canned for some retarded reason like "Wol isn't watching" I'll cut myself. Not deep enough to inflict injury, but at least enough to leave a small red line.

It's awesome, watch it.


Been watching Fringe from day one, but honestly: the only reason I keep on coming back is Walter. John Noble is an ACTOR.

Broiles thanks Walter for saving his friend's life.
Walter: 'You know, I had a fruit cocktail once in Atlantic City. And I'm not a fruit cocktail kind of guy.'

Anna Torv is...well. I'm undecided, still.
I like Jackson's Jack-Of-All-Trades character.

Didn't like how they had this 'Monster Of The Week' stuff going for some time.

Still, out of all that rubbish on TV, this is good.


Yep. So I'm not even gonna try.


I hope it doesn't get canceled, great show with a great cast.