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Why the Cramps?

three nights already ive waken up in the middle of some good sleep only to stretch and get the most painful cramp in my right leg (calf). this happened once after seated calf raises and twice after squats i think. am i doing something wrong? should eat more bananas? is it a sign my muscles and gonna grow in any way? do i learn to keep biting the blanket so i dont wake up anyone else in the apartment?

Tonic water and vitamin will help prevent them.

Could be any number of things, overtraining, dehydration etc.

Make sure you’re well hydrated before going to bed and try doing a little less work involving the calves.

Do you squat flat footed, or do you put plates under you heels?

How much water are you getting during the day? You should be drinking at least a gallon/day of pure H2O.