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Why Test Prop. For Cutting?

Why exactly is it that test prop is often recommended for cutting instead of cyp or enan? What difference would the ester make ?

I believe that because of its rather short half life it doesnt cause as much water retention as other esters

Short ester = less water retention.

OK, that makes sense. So I’d imagine that if one ran enough anti-e’s and wasn’t preparing for a contest and could wait for the bloat to depart, any test would work just as well?

run an aromatase inhibiter + keep your carbs low and you will not have to worry at all

Keeping your carbs low is a good point made by P-22. Not many people consider this, but carbs play a significant role in water retention. If you’re looking to bulk up, then water retention shouldn’t be a huge issue (except for blood pressure, of course). But since we are taking a cutting phase here, your carbs should be low anyway. Always keep this in mind while dieting, ripping, or preparing for a contest… EVERY GRAM OF CARB HOLDS 3 MOLECULES OF WATER.

Stick with Prop for cutting, and of course, watch your carbs. Good luck.

[quote]MassNutrition wrote:


Reminds me of first yr Biochem - hydrolysis!

…of course if also has to do with higher blood sugars = greater intravascular pressure = more edema, and also more solute in tissues needs more solvent to reach homeostatsis…

God Dude, I remember one of my very first cycles. I was on 800mg of Enanthate with some other stuff, close to 600g of carbs a day and over 5L of water a day. Trust me when I tell you that I looked like the Michelin Man. I was fucking bloated beyond all recognition LOL!