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Why Terrorism?


A question to everyone on this board concerning terrorism against the US and other western countries, Is this a generational issue that is driven by different domestic events in arab countries or is it truly an issue with the muslim religion itself, and if neither of these are factors then what is?

What really FUELS Islamic extremism, is it the idea of Jihad against the west or is US and its allies occupation of arab countries(west bank, formerly saudi arabia...)? When i say FUEL i mean what causes other people to want to be terrorists?


I believe the agenda is all political and not religious at all. The religious hype put into their jihad bullshit is just to brainwash the idiot with a bomb on his chest to think that he is going to die a martyr and he serving a higher power, thus he won't question blowing himself up.

If they were really about religion I doubt they'd be murdering innocent people for years and years. They take advantage of childrens' minds from a very young age, and they are taught simply to hate. These people have nothing, they have no drive, they're taught to kill.

Conclusively, the guys behind the scenes that run these terrorist entities are all political, but the morons that they have blow themselves up actually have enough ignorance to believe in what they're doing. Amazing how nobody can stop to ask themselves, "Has anything we've done made our lives better?" And just end this shit. To bad Hitler didn't get to the Middle East...


I have to agree with what you say, taking innocent lives and suicide are both strictly prohibited in Islam.

Nothing helpful has ever been achieved through terrorism.


You can answer for yourself when you think about what would cause a people to choose to blow themselves to pieces over something. Maybe they're protesting something? Maybe they're evil? Maybe in time the first two mixed a little?


The religious aspect was inserted artificially, with the publication of sponsored pamphlets like 'on the jurisprudence of suicide bombings', as a consequence of grievances, they were impotent to act oterwise, and made a bunch of frustrated youngsters weapons. It's all very sinister and logical. Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day, give him a net, he'll eat for a year. Give him fuck all, he'll be irrational and violent and act very much like a rabid animal. But that doesn't get advertised on Oxfam


Actually he did. The Jews and muslims had been living relatively peacefully for a while until Nazism spread to muslim countries as well as the book "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". A book filled with anti-semitism depicting Jews as murdering blood-sucking animals (which partially inspired Hitler's "Mein Kampf"). The book also says that jews have plans to take over the world and take control of everything. Along with the fact that Jews took over parts of Israel and managed to defeat Muslim armys 5-6x the size of theirs the muslims got very angry at the jews. Daytime muslim television depicts jews as vile animals that kill children amongst other things. Adding to the hate is the fact that many innocent people have been killed in return as well as houses being bulldozed and muslims living like shit in Israel - it does not suprise me that some more extreme people with nothing to lose do drastic things such as suicide attacks and volunteer for terroism. USA supports and sells arms to Israel and has done nothing to help. The United States doesn't exactly have the best track record over the last few years in muslim countries either.

On top of that comes the amount of money that can be made on oil and arms dealing out of war situations, as well as the slight and real possibility that foreign politics change when terrorism is used in countries, to change the public opinion and create awareness towards their cause.


The USA has done nothing to help? In the last 10 years how much money has been taken from hardworking Americans and simply given away to people who hate them, and called foreign aid? How much has been funneled directly to the so-called Palestinian government?




Not much considering.

A) How much money they are earning selling guns to Israel.

B) United States donates less then any developed country in relation to it's GDP


How much do you think?


I am sick of people throwing arounds this stat. It means dick. Our GDP is so large, that if we gave the same %GDP as, say Austria, It would really piss people off.

Make a list of who gives the most based on raw dollars. We win by a fucking mile.

ANd if we give more, who the fuck cares what % of our GDP it is? Except for the anti-americans, of course.


I'm guessing the people who would care in order are:
1.The millions who need the help.
3.The other nations currently more generous.


Why look at a % of GDP instead of per capita?


More generous? That's just a joke. Total it up, who sends the biggest check? That would be the U.S.

One of the america haters figured out a way to spin a negative light on how much we give.

How much has the EU spent on AIDS treatment/prevention in Africa?

%GDP means dick when it is a fraction of the U.S.'s It just makes the marginalized countries feel good about themselves.


You have a point, but there is are still a shitload of Americans that believe that the US is spending 25 % and more of the federal budget on foreign aid.

They tend to be a nuisance, along with the "we have the best justice/health care/education/whatever system in the world" crowd.

I, and I guess other people feel the same, like to annoy them back a little every now and then.


I don't know if anyone that has said this. Mot saying it hasn't been said, I just haven't seen it all that much.

But there are just as many folks on your side that think that %GDP is the only real way to measure foreign aid.

I'd rather have 1% of a millionare's earnings than 60% of the trash truck driver's salary.

But maybe I'm just funny that way.


Have you seen Fight Club? For those of us who have testosterone, there are arguably trivial issues for which we are ridiculously willing to lay down our lives.


There was a "U.S.'s foreign aid spending sucks" post on another thread. The % GDP number in a democratic nation is pretty worthless, a lot like % unemployment in Sweden. If you look at places like India and China now, looking at the U.S. % GDP is like looking at just the elephant's tail and declaring it no bigger than a dog.


A couple of other things come to mind:

  1. Foreign aid is not an entitlement. It is aid. And it is usually only feel-good money because the cash rarely gets to the intended beneficiaries. So why keep throwing bad money after bad money? Moreover, no nation owes the rest of the world a paycheck. There is no transnational law that has turned the world into a redistributive socialist regime - so aid is a privilege, not a right.

  2. This often quoted stat of "American aid as a percentage of GDP" completely ignores the amount of private charity served up to the rest of the world.

  3. Can't quite figure out how these half-literate critics that are so distrustful of the American government and its decisions can suddenly have absolute faith with the American government's decisions on where and when to reward aid. Doesn't make sense, but then, I am not surprised.


It's true that the qu'uran is violent in parts. So is the bible. So is the torah. If that is our only guage of culpability, or origin, the passage 'Oh how we wept when we remembered zion. Happy is he who takes your little ones and smashes them on the rock' is very sinister and prophetic.

I think despair, ignorance, irrational hatred and bad guidance are the main contributory factors that engender islamic terrorism. It's got to stop. Equally, evil clerics who twist what could be a peacful religion must be suppressed (but not carpet-bombed, if possible to avoid that), and social conditions for the average poor mideast arab must also improve.

Surely expansive war like the one we're seeing will just push evil further under the surface. The same guys will now have both justification for their askew worldview of Israeli-hatred, and public support against the 'invaders'.

Maybe it's too late to stop it rationally now, but that is the fault primarily (in the true sence of the word- first) of the ignorant cunts who stirred this fucked up melting pot, into a cauldron of hate