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Why TEK Owns

Many a time a forumite, newbie or veteran T-Freque will post a question on the board searching desperately for guidance and/or advice. It seems as if there is one T-Freque who consistently and throughly responds to most every plight from the extremely intelligent and/or specific to the most dumbshit, lazyass, little-yellow-school-bus, mommy-let-me-log-on inquiries in existence. Thank you TEK, for making it your place on this forum as not only an individual of current insight, but also as premier currator of T-Archives. Your efforts are not unnoticed.

MBE: "Yeah, even Nobel wants a piece 'a this prize. Since 1965."


I thought TEK owns because he lives in a free market society, where private property is permitted.

That too my stalwart friend. That too.

“MBE: Re-Tailed. Since 1870.”


I second Eric’s motion. TEK knows his back issues and never hesitates to shed a little knowledge on the newbies. I took plently of advice from TEK’s posts over the past year and a half. Thanks.

Seconded and thirded and fourthed and so on and…

Aye, fifth’d!

I’m speechless. Wow. Thanks MBE and everyone. I’m humbled.

Affection overload…uhm, uhm, think quick…uhhhhh…STFU Newb! Ahhhhhhhh. Much better.

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I’ve found a pretty good link. Since this is a “pro-TEK” discussion, I linked him to this. I flipped through, and found a few which reminded me of other people on this forum! Heh

http://www.winternet.com /~mikelr/flame64.html - Space to be deleted after ".com "

TEK is all over the place. Craziness!

Looking over all the familiar veterans responding here, I’ve decided we need to establish one of two possible institutions for those of us who probably spend too much time here:

1. ForumCon!

2. Rehab centers? :wink: