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Why Take Centrum Vitamins?


Why do people still take Centrum Vitamins?


You obviously appear to have an opinion on the matter. Why don't you share it?


Advertising, they suck.


Because they're old and crochety.


Why shouldn't they?


I take them. To answer your question, it's because I found them in the cupboard, I'm poor as hell and they're better than nothing.(not by much)


I am interested in your views. I have been told that the synthetic binder compound they use in Centrum inhibits total absorption of it. I am not advertising anything, just curious about the different views on centrum.


Its an overpriced multi vitamin. Its still better then nothing. Jarrow is where its at though.


Because they're unaware of the far, FAR better multis that are available.


What are the brand names that are better, and why are they better?


NOW makes several good multis that come in non-compacted caps so they break up pretty nicely in your system. As Shizen said, Jarrow is good for the same reasons, as well as using the methylcobalamin form of B12, which is a bit better than the Cyanocobalamin that most every other brand uses( which has the potential to break up into teensy, harmless amounts of cyanide). Absolute top-of-the-line is the expensive Life Extension multi, but they come in tiny little increments and you have to take like 17 a day, and therefore be a little more insane than I.

Mostly, pay no attention to "foo-foo" ingredients like chlorophyll, green tea and ginseng which are usually in the multi in too small amounts to do anything. If you want those, take a separate supp or just take the natural form.
Even Flintstones chewables are better than Centrum complete IMO, because they get somewhat uncompacted by chewing.(wouldn't recommend chewing centrum)


When I was young I took centrum vitamins. I also didn't have a clue about anything related to supplements and nutrition. I think that they are hard-compressed pills with very poor bioavailability like most vitamins you see at wal-mart.


gnc, vitamin world, vitamin shoppe all carry much better multis


There are studies that say Centrum and the like are hard to digest and are a waste of time. There are studies that say they are fine and as good or better than the more expensive multi's.

There are also studies that say multivitamins are either worthless or worse.

Eat fruits and vegetables.