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Why Steroids Were Never an Option


so let me throw this one out there...........

anybody ever stir around the idea of giving anabolics a go in the later decades.....like thier late 50's or 60's ?

lets face it , strength gains will probably have slowed to a crawl ; shit's startin to break down for most in their 60's ; sex is often a memory by then .....and so on . I could be wrong on some of these as I'm not there yet , but I'd bet Im pretty close

so why not go out with a bang ? why not feel like you're in your 40's again ?

Im not talking pro-sized stacks , just enough to get that edge back .

(Im not trying to persuade anybody into anything.....just a couple thoughts from left field )


Honestly Im sure I would have tried it when I was younger if it wasn't for me delving into law enforcement at a relatively early age and the constant random drug testing.

Looking back on it Im happy I didnt as I have some assorted health issues that may have been complicated even more if I had "self medicated."

As I am older and had the access and wherewithal and no other issues I wouldn't do it as I simply feel like Im getting help from an outside source and any gain would be tainted.

Now I do not believe steroids are this evil that the mainstream media likes to paint, and feel if taken from a trusted source and the person is educated I view da roidz as probably safer than many "legal" drugs.


and I kinda agree with Rogue . I know shitloads of people who stop for happy hour a few times a week so they feel better about themselves . they need to plop their asses on a bar stool so they feel accepted . they need a buzz (or worse in these parts) on before they go home to their spouse/family .arent they using alcohol to temporarily change their perspective or mood ? if you cant get thru your day without alcohol you're a pussy in my book . yet 90% of the people I know would ridicule a normal Joe type guy who uses anabolics , even though they cheer for their favorite sports team all week long . what...like pro athletes dont use drugs ?

I remember back in 90's when Favre went into rehab . nobody ever used the phrase " drug abuser " around here . yet the over-use/ABUSE of pain killers got him thru how many seasons . but nobody would talk about that , because it involved their bar-stool hero .

this same group bashed a guy who came thru where I work for a job fair last year . everybody yapped about this huge dude.....over 6' around 270 , whiskey barrel chest kind of guy . so what ? being massive is probably better than being a pussy sittin on a bar stool....at least that huge fucker accomplished something . more than I can say formost .


a few things-

weekly drug tests in college
lack of knowledge and some fear
and I have some moral issues with PED's

Competing in College wrestling, Greco and Judo - its kind of against the rules
I would not take anything on the list of banned substances which is a pretty big list.
the law said it would be cheating.

for my sports- its about recovery and or weight cutting- or diuretics, or healing up
I knew kids who had to buy urine
and I competed against people who where known users.
and Im sure if I knew better could find out where to get and what to get.

when I went to the OTC there where many 'trainers' and or 'doctors'
to give that kind of help but its kinda hidden.

truth be told
with all the other shit and crazy sacrifices I made to compete- not win just compete
I would have been a prime prime candidate to use had someone approached me
but I would have been afraid of long term health stuff and of passing a drug test

my visit to Cuba and some other south American countries was a little eye opening
to say the least.


Thought provoking !!.

Ok :
1. I simply wouldn't know what i was doing with the drug and that is what worries me most about anyone doing it ie 'bro science' being applied by young guys with no real idea as to dosage and monitoring.
2. Although i do agree with rogue and malboro about the hypocrisy of accepting one very dangerous substance ie alcohol and not accepting another.
3.Mainly I would be scared to be messing around with a core physiological system--evgen with a good level of understanding of the phsiology involved.
4.A moral stance ie the desire to achieve what i can without drugs.


Being a female, I would never consider steroids because I believe the side effects are much more dramatic.

I like the fact that powerlifting has a fed for everyone. If you want to enhance with steroids, no problem. But you won't be lifting in certain drug-tested feds. Especially USAPL [IPF], which does OMT on lifters destined for competions at the national and international level. I actually was asked to perform an OMT on a female lifter because her husband served as the fed's state chair and it would have been a conflict of interest to have him aware of the impending testing.


I'm going to clarify my last statement. I said Jail but the absolute answer is: my wife.

I have a nice house. We've done the right things and made the right sacrifices and we are at the point where baring a horrible tragedy or an act of stupidity things should be good for us going forth.

Losing my job and possibly going to jail for buying steroids would change all of that and it simply would not be fair to my wife to risk it.

But if I was single I'd have anabolics before this post shows up.


X 2 Like riding my motorcycle without a helmet, yes it feels great and looks cool, but I dont want to end up like Gary Busy.


Thats a good point on the helmets. NOBOBY wants that.


I'm to strong and good looking now. I'm afraid if I took the 'roids I'd be way,way to strong and good looking.


it too big of a thing to start if your not educated on the matter, im sure there are safe ways of using suchs supplements and safe supplements to be used however its not as easy to obtain real un biased information on steroids. plus im sure its easy to get a bad product. Also there is a moral issues with PED's.


Honestly, I have thought about taking them. I can easily get them. Have many friends who have and/or still use them.

The reason(s) that holds me back are my kids & wife.


This another big factor, outside of doctors and seriously educated how do you know what to take and when. I've wondered through the steriod forums before and usually get confused halfway through the first few posts.

Not to mention how does anyone on the streets know you're not getting olive oil or something far worse?


Well that's one of the advantages of being old. We consider all the implications first and worry about what might happen and what might be in that syringe. Whereas some impetuous 17 year old may go straight ahead without doing any research at all and just start injecting something he bought off some stranger in a gym parking lot with no clue as to its authenticity.


And no idea what he is actually doing except some dubious 'bro' science.


this is actually something I have thought a lot about.

I would be reluctant to break the rules of my sport (whichever one) so I probably would not have used them. Plus, I've never competed at a high enough level as to where anabolics might make a difference. I've never been close enough to my genetic potential to bother seeing what happens next. if I was a WPL powerlifter, since its not really against the rules, I would probably have considered it.

If my testosterone was low, I wouldn't hesitate to supplement, but endocrinology frightens me, so I'd only do it under a doc's supervision.

It is my wish that in my later years I could have the test levels of a 20 yr old, so if they dip low enough to get replaced, I'll be all over it like a buzzard on a gut wagon


Good point.


I don't have any issue with this. Its funny that women in are society( no offense ladies just making a observation) who has hormonal issues can get forms of estrogen. But it seems it viewed differently to a certain degree for a man to do the same with Testerone


agree completely on all counts . the results of massive test usage do nothing for me . and Ive seen female lifters at drug tested meets who I thought to be quite shapely . just my opinion though .

a buddy of mine lifted in non tested feds when he was young . it pissed him off so bad he still rants about it to this day (25 or 30 years later ) . then he discovered NASA and has been content ever since . so yeah , it's awesome that theres a fed for everybody .

Im not sure what I would do if someday I crossed the line and couldnt compete in a tested fed ( I wouldnt cheat no matter what) . maybe quit competing . Ive only lifted in 3 meets . I enjoy the training style of p'lifting , but competing is not the reason I started ; it's just a fun part of the picture . I fish also , but I dont have to fish in tournaments to enjoy it ( although I have fished a few tournaments....placed a first in one in a field of 30 boats). for me it's not the meets that count , it's the training . and I started so damn late , it seems a shame I may get no more than 15 years out of it .


true dat . commercials all over the airwaves tellin' the gals to ask their doctoer about it . but Ive heard it's like pullin teeth for a guy to get on TRT .

and Im pretty sure that most fellas in their 50's and 60's would have the necessary discipline and maturity to keep things from getting out of hand.