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Why Steroids Were Never an Option


Having just read a thread called "Why did you start using steroids" I thought it would be quite interesting to find out people's reasons for never having gone down that route.

So assuming you haven't, what stopped you from using them?


Drug testing, the possibility of a large jaw and receding hair line.

On a serious note, I can see the draw for men.


Haven't lifted consistantly enough to justify it. However as I get older and the T window disappears the want too is growing.

Biggest problem is no access. The only people I know who really take it seriously are on this site and I lift at home so I can't buddy up with someone at the gym for the connection.


The emergence of the ADFPA. I remember lifting in teen nationals in 1981 as a 17 yo, winning, setting records, blah blah. I came back the next year and many of the familiar faces were bigger and stronger, people moved up several classes and were lean and i was like WTF and got smoked (4th place).

Year after was even worse but held my own. Enter college...needles laying in warm-up room, people shooting adrenaline in their thighs crazy stuff. Almost quit the sport and then the ADFPA started up think it was the next year and it gave guys like me a place to lift and compete.


I think the biggest issues are legality, access to reliable, quality product and guidance from someone that knows what they are doing to avoid the risks of screwing up.

If these were addressed there would be many more on the 'roid wagon.

And, being older and in a professional setting, I would likely be a bit paranoid about the perception of getting too big, too fast. Plus I have spent a shit-load on suits.

When I was younger and a little more obsessed, and if I could feel that the risks were minimized, I'm sure I would have considered it.


Need to clarify something is TRT in your eyes considered Steroids?


My favourite answer.

If you hit up a commercial gym, they're probably more prevalent than you think. As told to me, they aren't "magic pills". You still have to eat and train to get the full benefit which I think is where many "younger" folks fall short.

Which brings me to the sign at the new gym in town. First time I've ever seen this.

My issue would be perception of effort on one's behalf. I bust my ass in and out of the gym and didn't make things "easier" for me so I wouldn't want that effort to be viewed as "done via drugs".

I competed in a natural competition but I know that doesn't necessarily mean people weren't using in their "prep". Having done enough research, I know certain hormones can be out of your system in a small timeframe which means some people can use, then come off and only have to maintain for a few weeks. And some of the smaller shows don't have the expensive GH testing in place (which is a whole other ball of wax).




Mostly the potential side effects. Growing up in the 80's, they were everywhere and the grade below me was "well stocked". Several put on 30 pounds over a summer and the coaches turned their heads, so noone was looking very hard.


â??I donâ??t believe in bodybuilders using steroids. If a man doesn't have enough male hormones in his system to create, a nice hard, muscular body, he should take up ping pong.â??- The late Steve Revees

That would be one of the reason why Ive never done them. Sorta of a pride thing with myself.

Second would just be the whole legal thing.

Third would be I'm no doctor, and messing with my endocrine system doesn't appeal to me. With my luck id cause my testicle to fall off.


I agree with the qoute from Steve Reeves. If I can't get to where I want to be through hard work and training alone then I wouldn't bother trying... I never understood taking risks like that. My point in working out is being healthy and strong, not ruining my body in the process just to be bigger...


What do you think you'd have done if the ADFPA hadn't come along? Succumbed or stopped competing?


Good point. I thought of this when I wrote the question.

I suppose if TRT is medically prescribed because someone in their 40's has low T then that's fine. If it puts you back at the normal level of a forty year old OK, if it gives you the T level of a twenty year old?, then I don't know...


Stopped competing. I had some friends who had gotten on them a year or two earlier and it was really screwing them up. So i am thinking no way!


Personally having always lifted at home it's not something I've ever had to consider. If I'd have been lifting at a hardcore gym and been exposed to it at a younger more impressionable age, I don't know what I'd have done.

I do know that I scare easily and I'm sure stories of counterfeit stuff (with god knows what in it), shrivelled nuts, premature balding, infected injection sites, a boil covered back and the dreaded gyno would have put me off.


I haven't anything against them except the delivery methods - I don't like needles and I don't like pills. I have had friends who dosed and it seems that if you do it reasonably there are no noticeable side effects except that you perform and metabolize better.

They also just seem like further complications in an already complicated life - for me. Valid road to take for others in my opinion. I just don't have the head space to track what I would be doing were I in that area.


Honest answer. Tried dianabol during my brief college career and prior to entering the military. Back then I had one goal in life (Okay, 2 counting getting laid as often as possible) and that was make the olympics. I'd have shot up horse piss if I'd thought it'd help. College career didn't work out, went in the military. Since I carried morphine and other drugs I was "randomly" drug tested, a lot. On a note of interest it wasn't until 1989 that the US military got around to declaring anabolic steriods illegal.


Good discussion. I think TRT to get back to "normal" levels for your age group seems reasonable, it's more like a quality of life issue in that case (but I don't know anything about TRT, just .02)

I actually empathize with those who do it based on the possibility of a multi-million dollar payday, or the glory of being an Olympian. Especially back in the day, when most people were doing it -level playing field and all that.

"Normal" people? Risks not worth the rewards (or lack thereof) for me. My balls are shrinking fast enough already.

Skinny kids that think it's a short-cut to success and haven't even worked their butts off for years and years already? Idiots.


Isn't that like saying, if I get sick, if my body isn't strong enough to heal by itself, then so be it. why take antibiotics or other meds. As far as steroids being "so dangerous" guys have been doing steroids for how long now? and how many people have actually died from steroids. Don't you guys think this whole "steroids are so bad for you" is one huge brainwashing by the mainstream media. well, it is. and they aren't hard to get. I can go right down my street right now and buy tons of superdrol, epistane, dmz, tren, and yes my friends, those are steroids. they aren't prohormones. Id compare superdrol's effectiveness against any steroid, injectable or not that there is.

Is it cheating to take an advil if you have a headache? antibiotics for a sickness? if you say "but that is completely different. my response is, no its not. your just a hypocrit. nothing in this world nowadays is natural. nothing. How about protein powders. you telling me thats natural? How about all these preworkout stimulants, are they natural? AS far as legality goes. I say whats legal, nobody else. this is where, my law intercedes this countries laws. if something interferes with what i think, then they are wrong. not me. nobody is ever going to tell me what i can put in my body. not ever. let someone come into my house and try and take my stuff. they will leave in a body bag. cop or no cop.