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Why Steroids Should be Regulated


This just makes me furious. I was talking to this guy at a party last night. He mentioned to me that I was pretty big, and asked me what supplements he took. I told him, and he mentioned to me that he "stacks" H-Drol with NO-Shotgun. At that point warning bells went off in my head. H-Drol is a potent OTC Steroid - a clone of the old Halodrol-50.

I mentioned to him that he was taking a serious steroid, and he should discontinue use immediately. He told me that his "trainer" friend recommended it to him, and that he was taking PCT, so he was safe. I responded with "What type of SERM?" His response? "What's a SERM? I'm taking 6-OXO. Don't worry, my buddy said I'll be fine."

Keep in mind this kid couldn't have been more than 160lbs, at about 6 feet tall, and was 18 years old. He's been on it for the past 2 years, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

This is exactly why steroids need to be regulated. If they were regulated, OTC steroids wouldn't fall into the hands of this dumbass. By banning steroids, they're only making it easier for idiots like this kid to get their hands on the stuff put out by unscrupulous supplement companies. This just infuriates me. The government is doing much more harm than good from their stance on steroids.

Sorry for the bitching and moaning. But this story really shocked and scared me.


been taking it 2 years and still only weights 160...shouldn't he realize something isn't right?


I forget where i heard this, maybe one of my friends or someone on the board. They said not only should you be given a heap of mandatory information when you get the stuff (if it were to become legal) but you'd also have to pass a test about general knowledge of it, and also pass a physical. It'd be like getting a license for a car it may take a while but you wont get into as many "accidents".


your not going to stop idiots from being idiots. If its regulated they will find a way to be idiots to themselves. What should happen is that schools should educate people on it, in some sort of health class or something. Thats about the only way you can help lower shit like this happening.


I guess he forgot to train and eat?

People are dumb and will continue doing things like this and it's sad but unfortunatelly for this guy he's installed a a tubro system to his car but forgot the wheels.