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Why Squatting ATG is Safer Than Parallel


1.) when you stop at parallel, you are cutting off an exercise mid motion
2.) why are wall sits tough? because you are stuck in a parallel position
3.) when you stand up from a sticking point, it is easier to stand up with momentum
4.) ppl do more weight parallel than atg. heavier weight more often will lead to injuries. this is a result of form, from not going low enough
5.) atg allows hamstring and hip loading as opposed to knee loading.
6.) published report showing empirical data that displays safety of atg squats
7.) you obviously can't do as much weight
8.) the majority of ppl who say i squat "x" weight do it between 1/4-1/2 squat
9.) do oly lifters ever have knee problems? no they just have problems when their arm snaps behind their head during snatches.
10.) when you take a shit in the field, you squat ass to grass. it is a natural movement.
11.) babies develop in the womb in fetal position. how often do they come out with knee injuries?
12.) http://www.youtube.com/user/lmercierdurso#p/a/u/1/YmAZiuWHqJc videos like this, where ppl put on way too much weight, put on a belt to look tough, then bend their knees.
13.) because i said so.


I completely agree. I've been squatting ass 2 grass for while and no problems whatsoever.


Uhhh, yeah. Thanks for that champ


I only shit in the parallel squat position. It makes it easier to catch it and go back to what i was doing.


7.) you obviously can't do as much weight

That I guess is for many people reason number one. They are all a bunch of pussies brushing their egos. :slightly_smiling:

Good post!





I hope you can squat big if you're gonna post a pretentious list like that.


As long as your lower back doesn't round the deeper the better.
When I stop at parallel my knees hurt.


Good talk. See ya out there.


Ah, now I remember why I never read the PL forum...


This retarded post has absolutely no place in the PL forum. MODS: can we get a move to some shithole abyss part of the site? Maybe a new subforum for Graveyard of Shitty Threads?


I like that idea. Maybe one of the tech guys can make it so that class of 2010 can only post in the "graveyard"


This thread sucks, but I'm going to break it down for you.

1) Says who? Thats pretty subjective.
2) Wall sits aren't tough. Wall sits are gay.
3) so?
4) It's a result of not being awesome. I think I found your problem. I think you're safe though, since none of your weight is particularly heavy, otherwise you wouldn't be making threads like this
5) This has more to do with the angle of the shins than with depth. Actually, squatting below parallel loads the knees more
6) I've never seen this study, but I keep hearing about it. There is a lot more at play here though, and since I started squatting wide and high, my bad knee gives me far less trouble.
7) I thought powerlifting was about being strong?
8) So? The majority of people who claim to have big dicks don't, but that doesn't change the fact that mine is a solid 9 inches.
9) Wrong. Olympic lifters get hurt just like all other athletes do. The reason you don't see it is because there are 4 strong olympic lifters in the US and it doesn't serve your argument to look at the destroyed joints of the little old coaches running the sport around the world.
10) I don't shit in fields. I shit in a toilet, which is right above parallel. Welcome to the 21st century, douchefuck.
11) I didn't realize babies were loading their backs up with weight in the womb. Or even standing on anything.
12) I wear a belt because it lifts and separates. Never realized it could make me look tough too, might have to give that a shot. How much toughness can I expect to get with it? Can I train in it and work on getting more toughness?
13) Who are you?





what's FTW? I see it all the time and have no idea




Ignore first search result.


haha, this is awesome. 99% of people that squat "atg" don't even get to parallel. ATG is one of those internet warrior terms guys use to justify why they squat 1/4 of what guys in meets do.


Not gonna lie: I didn't even think about using google


Yeah I can only think of two people I've seen go below parallel. They were bodybuilders using a narrow stance and not much weight.

Why would this topic be in a powerlifting forum where parallel is the lowest you'd need to go?


I dislike the original post purely on the lack of capital letters.

I'm in the remaining 1% then. My hamstrings have to rest on my calves or its not a rep.