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Why So Much Musa?

A little background with regards to the training log. My goal is to get into the Olympics. My only talent is my drive and I can assure you it will get me there. I have been training for 1 year building a strength base and will continue to do so till the 2016 Olympics and 2020 Olympics. My event is Dectathalon. My training currently consists of strongman and 2 days at the gym. All the off days is sprinting.

My thought process is as follows. Power/Strength with regards to most of the skills (e.g. javelin throwing and high jumps) will be attained with consistent repetition. Strength base will be invaluable for all my events, but my fear is that not enough focus on the events will cause me to come up short. With that in mind, I might consider an earlier time to practice the events. Once I find me a proper coach.


PS I have crazy dreams but I love living them.

Wednesday 2/10/2013

Front Squat
Hit my old PR without losing form

Push Press
185x1 Miss Think I worked up to it to fast
180x1 Old PR

Pull ups
245x2 for 3 sets (body weight and yes I’m a fatass)

For my condition I do circuits and keep increasing the weight till I can only do 2 with enough rest between sets
Deficit Dead Lifts 8 reps 8 reps 5 reps 2 reps
Leg raise (Most do not know this but pausing at the top of leg raise is vital)

Dumbbell Row

Face Pulls

Finally Back Ex

I think from here on I will be updating weekly.