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Why So Many Views But Little Input?

I joined this forum because I though it would be a great place to share experience and ask questions but the numbers dont make sense. How can some posts have 2,3,4000 views and only 5-10 comments?

If you dont want to share your experience and provide valuable feedback why be here?

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Any threads in particular you’re referring to?

Some people just like to lurk and educate themselves, so they read stuff without chiming in. Participation would be great, but there’s nothing wrong with just cruising around.

Other times, a thread’s question might be too complicated, too poorly worded, or just too confusing for people to offer advice on, so people give it a read and then bail. Nothing wrong with that either.

Also, the thread views include daily visits from members and non-members, so if someone stumbles their way into any given thread, it’ll count their visit as a view whether or not they have the ability to comment. Or if someone posts a comment, then comes back the next day to check for replies, it’ll count as an additional view.

Or… if you’re only here to talk anabolics and never keep a training log to share your workouts and diet, why be here? (See how weird it sounds applying arbitrary expectations to people?)


Im expecting your reply to get 5000 likes :smiley: :smiley:

Some good points. Would just like to see more input than floaters.

The majority of your posts have been in threads you’ve started yourself, so you’re taking more input than giving. That’s cool if that’s how you’d like to engage in the forum and it’s what we’re here for. But, yeah.


I lurked the forums for awhile before posting. I think that’s the way most forums work?

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I get where hes coming from. I would say each topic has probably… 10, what I would consider “very” active posters. I communicate with probably the same 7 or 8 people everytime I’m on here. It’s not a clique thing, I barely know these people outside of lifting discussions, but they just happen to be the active posters whenever I’m on. I feel like the off-topic and political topics by far the most active.

I will say it seems to be SLIGHTLY more active lately.

Also, while I dont personally care, the vast majority of people on here are as smooth as 8 grit sandpaper, and usually turns the mass chunk of people away I’m sure. I get that it’s the same questions day in and day out, and it can get old, but it’s worth noting.


Ive been on here for less than a month so all in good time my friend.

Yeah that has been part of my experience as well from what little I have posted. Seems to be a few with zero people skills and more about putting people down instead of providing constructive criticism. It has made me less inclined to voice my view or provide feedback on other posts.


I think we all tend to stick to the same areas with the occasional pop in outside our comfort zone. I stick to training logs and Bigger, Stronger, Leaner but lately I’ve been sucked into the Off Topic section.

I read the Pharma section on occasion but it’s just to learn. I’ve never used anything so I have nothing to offer.

It’s too bad that some people just come here to be a dick. Some people get into arguments on every thread on which they participate.

A lot of it just bad communication skills I think. Most of the people on here are incredibly helpful, they just expect you to have all of the preliminary information without having to ask when you inquire about something.

Dont ever hesitate to ask, you can filter through the bullshit to get good advice. The biggest no-no’s from the community tend to be based towards multiple threads about the same subject, and constantly arguing with people that (probably) have more quality lifting experience than you. Other than that though, all questions are fine. You also need to learn certain people on here and just realize they’re just very direct, and not trying to be rude.

Also, avoid the politics section. That place is a dumpster fire.

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I can think of a few for sure lol.

I typically hover around Bigger, Stronger, Leaner; 5/3/1; and Off Topic. For the most part it’s okay, but I’ll go into the beginner section from time to time if I think I have advice, and they just tear those dudes apart. I do think that section should have some more stringent policies around respectful behavior personally. Some people need tough love, but most of those guys are young, probably high school age, and easily deterred my abrasive behavior.

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I quit posting in Beginner because I got tired of saying the same thing over and over.

Before I start a thread with a question, I type it into the search bar to see what’s been discussed in the past. I wish more people would do that.


Well let’s talk about our lord and savior Loui Simmons

If you’ve got a topic you want to talk about, just keep posting in your thread and eventually people will start chiming in

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Agreed, just keep posting. In case of emergency just say

“I’m satisfied with the size of my legs”

“I’m strong for my size”


“My scale says I’m 10% bodyfat”

and you get tons of comments.


I’m 8% BF

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Well obviously look T the pic lol

I’m trying to start an argument and you are not helping.

If I were 8%,I’d practically be dead

Of what?