why so many complains about ppl not squatting

Why are you guys complaining that nobody squats in your gyms? Actually I am rather gald that I am one of the few who deadlifts (i do power cleans actually) and squats in my gym. The reason: the gym is pretty crowded all the time (my university gym) and there are only two power racks which are bieng used 80% of the time for bicep curls. If everybody squated, I would have to wait for hours to get to the rack. As it is right now, when I am squatting in the rack, nobody dares interfere or even ask how many sets I have left. I only get curious looks from other people who ask those same questions the guy curling a dime on the bar in the rack next to mine, so they could start doing curls too.

I agree. i couldnt care less what other people do in the gym as long as it doesnt effect me in any way. fuck em.

Ahhh, the quiet confines of our gym’s Power Rack. Where NO ONE dares to use. 'Cept for us. It’s WAY off in the FAR corner of the gym (might as well be in another universe)- and it’s usually only populated by two people - Ko and I.

In my fantasy gym, and I know that I will never own one, I would have a sign clearly posted. “Racks will NOT be used for curls at anytime”

No one squats on my gym. And that’s a blessing. I never have to wait to get into the squat rack. I’m glad my gym is full of cowards :slight_smile:

At my gym we have a sign up. It says “We have only one squat rack, please let people use it for suatting”

We are lucky, no one squats, and we have 4 power racks. If i could just get the damn trainers to quit using my lifting platform for plyometrics, and lunges. Bastards.

I do plan to have my own facility, and I am SOOOOO gonna do that.

One of the gyms that I go to has a sign that says no bicep curls in the squat racks but people seem to ingnore the sign.

Nick: For me, it’s not so much a complaint, but more of a desire to have people reach their goals and realizing that what they are doing won’t do it. After all…as T.C. would say…most of the people in the gym are there to get “purdy” and to eventually “look good nekkid”. So…instead of doing THE exercise that will give them the hips, legs and butt that many are searching for, they avoid it like the plague.

No…I’m not one who “intructs and corrects” in the gym (I keep pretty much to myself unless with my Posse); but I do want everybody to reach their goals…

Lift Basic…Lift Heavy…Be Intense…GO HOME!!!

Yeah, I don’t give a flying fuck if people squat or not! But I hate the fucking homos that fucking curl in the fucking squat rack!

Damn straight brother!