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Why So Hungry?


I don't know what some people are talking about when they say they feel so full on keto. I'm eating 3200 calories today and I'm starving. In the past I was doing a TKD and this week I'm doing a CKD but only dropped my calories by about 300 or so. I haven't been that hungry in awhile and now I drop only 300 calories and I'm hungry all day. Anyone know why that would be? I can't see a drop like that causing a lot of muscle loss but then why am I so hungry?


Your body adjust to your caloric intake while dieting. After a while you loose hunger and your metabolism slows down a bit. A small drop in cals can cause you to be hungry all day.


really from that small amount? I just started the lower calories on Sunday so it was recently. I just ate about 430 calories 45 min. ago and I was starving 20 min. later, it sucks lol. It also sucks to have your metabolism slow down. Its hard for me to believe anyone has a really hard time eating enough on keto, I could eat twice what I'm eating now.


I agree with you about eating alot, during keto style diets. I feel like I can keep eating, while getting lean when avoiding carbs. I guess its the lack of fiber that keeps me plugging away.


The thing is I dont know if I could eat a lot while still getting. I could definitely eat more but I'm thinking that would stop me from getting any leaner

by the way does the strong hunger have anything to do with me losing muscle?


Possibly. When your body sends off hunger pangs, its hungry for nutrients, so if you don't feed it you could go into a catabolic state I guess.

Are you sure its not thirst either?


I doubt it, I drink a lot of water. I mean I ate 3200 calories today like I said so its not like its so little. I just ate a 350 calorie meal literally 10 minutes ago and I feel like I haven't eaten in hours. I mean I can deal with it but it's annoying and increases cravings, I hope its not making me lose muscle


We have similar stats, but at 11% you are probably leaner than I am (and more muscle).

I'm doing the AD and I have been able to get away with ~2500 cals a day without being hungry.

Are you eating any nuts? Veggies?


yea I have about 7-14oz. of vegetables a day and 2+ oz of nuts. I just started getting sick again too, I dont know if thats at all related but its a lot worse than the hunger lol. Its weird though because with past cuts I never seemed to get hungry this fast, not that I remember anyway


I would just eat more. I'm not on a keto diet, but more often then not I get hungry again just after eating and a big glass of milk fixes that up.

I'm starting the AD tomorrow though so I'll find out how I go myself soon enough.


I feel for ya, dude. I went low-carb and low-cal today, not because I'm cutting, but because my pants were starting to feel tight and I decided to implement a control day every week to ensure that I can keep bulking without buying new clothes :slight_smile:

Anyway, it made me remember how much happier I am when bulking and how unhappy dieting makes me. Like you, I really feel the hunger: stomach feels empty, I feel light and energised, and I salivate a lot. But the feeling of emptiness inside my stomach is the worst. I'm looking into metamucil for my planned V-diet come May to keep myself full.

On the bright side, the extra energy is pretty cool, and you probably get used to the void in your stomach eventually. Good luck.