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Why So Hard to Get HCG Prescribed?

I’m starting in on my 2nd Doctor trying to find a decent one that knows his stuff. The new guy is at least willing to look at my E2 levels, but like the first Dr, is resistant to prescribing me hCG. I’m not planning on having kids (which seems to be their main criteria on whether or not to use it) but my testes have shrunk considerably, and the stickies say the testes also won’t be doing other hormone production that they should be in the absence of hCG (or LH).

Is there some downside to hCG that I’m missing? Is it super expensive? I know it’s an EOD SC injection - one of my kids is diabetic, EOD SC doesn’t bug me. Heck, I’m still trying to find a Doc that’ll work with me for doing the T injections on that schedule.

I suspect that having the testes actively working and producing T adds another variable to the equation ( fixed amount of injected T + variable amount produced by testes) and that the Docs don’t either like the added complexity and variability - any opinions?

I went to a Endo then my PCP, and finally a second Endo before I was prescribed HCG. Bas icily you have to let them know that you have been researching TRT, and learning on you own. Educate them a little without making them feel like they don’t know what they are doing. Let them know there is know reason you should have to put up with the side effects (aching, pulled up tight, small appearance, etc.) when there is something you can do about it. If they are not familiar with dosing for a TRT protocol let them know it is only 250iu EOD done SQ. The information they have access to for fertility will call out for much more then that.

I was quoted $190.00 for Pregnyl (spelling may be wrong) at Walgreen’s, so I called a local compounding Pharmacy and found the same thing for $80.00. It will last you about 8 weeks at 250iu EOD. That is some what manageable money wise for me.
If your Dr is giving you Test Cyp to inject at home, just make the switch to SQ on your own. If not educate him on the benefits of doing it and if he doesn’t like the idea of EOD agree to weekly or whatever and again just do it on your own.

Another benefit of taking HCG is elevated mood, sense of well being, and other for some. It definitely helped me and I wasn’t expecting it. According to KSman it may allow the testes to release other hormones that are essential, or have a direct effect on the brain.

Based on what one endo told me, apparently there are “no long-term studies.” Most traditional doctors will not prescribe it. Go to the A4M website and do a directory search for doctors in your area. These doctors are specialists in anti-aging and from what I’ve found, most will prescribe HCG.

I had to explain the male benefits of hCG to my PCP. I typed up a paper and printed out some forum posts (some from this site too) and gave them to him for reading. Then, I gave him a week and made another appointment. He’s pretty open minded and is interested in this stuff too. He decided to go for it. My insurance had actually lapsed at the time but I ended up only paying $40 for my Rx.

I would do all the research I could and present my case to him. Atrophied aching testes that felt like they were trying to retract into my body when I had an orgasm were good selling points. Graphic, yes, and that’s kind of what I was going for.

If that still doesn’t work, there are other options. I PM’ed you.