Why so big?

Good answer A Girl. I like that response - I’ll have to remember that.

also this isnt really a great reason, but i was on vacation and i noticed that the luggage (when i was walking through the airport) seemed a lot lighter. On the flip side, coach in the airplane is a real bitch.

I agree with Mac. Getting bigger is merely a by-product of my lifestyle. It’s the result of an activity I enjoy.

You lose muscle as you age… I’m just working on living forever.

Why so big? Hmm. Isn’t the ideal male physique the wide shoulders, narrow waist, muscular look that Arnold had in Conan the Barbarian? That’s what I’ve always thought, ever since watching Fess Parker play Daniel Boone as a kid. Having a pot belly and Gumby arms just isn’t something I aspire to. Guys respect a guy who’s built well, women are attracted to well put together guys too. I just want to be the best me I can be.

I’m reading this whole thread from top to bottom, and Cam’s reply just amazes me for its eloquence and brutal candor. So I think to myself, “I’ve got to write this guy a note of praise,” and then further down I read a “Steve” who’s already done that. Very cool. Nice job, Cam. May you get as big as your health allows. Your Dad’s probably prouder of you than you know.