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Why Saying that Ideas of a Master Race is Stupid



History is written by the victor. Has never been truer than after the second world war, where again, the Germans are putt in a worse light than deserved.

It's being said that attempts to perfect the human race was only executed in Nazi Germany, this is propaganda.

The fact of the matter is that USA and great Britain has tried to do the exact same thing.

USA's forced sterilization of people who matches these criterias:

People with a " weak " mind
Poor people
Criminals, including small time criminals.
Mentally ill people
People who was " Constitutionally weak "
People who bore hereditary diseases
People whit physical deformities
Blind,def and dumb people.

this was going on on around 1932 and beyond.

" One day we will realize that the chief duty of every citizen of the right species is leaving its blood in the world, and we do not have any interest of lasting to allow citizens of the wrong species "
Theodore roosevelt, american president 1901-1909, quoted from 1913.

might no be the exact words because i used google translate to translate the norwegian version to english, but the message stands

Winston churchill when proposing that forced sterilization be executed in britain said something along the lines of :

" I believe that the source which feeds insanities current must be shut off and sealed" . ergo sterilize the weak.

it's true that noone felt the eugenics supposed importance more than germanies jews, still some took the same teachings with them and it was discovered that they practiced the same teachings that where practiced on them; in isreal.

So the idea that germany was this " great evil " and that the allies was this " greater good " is false, alot of what germany was accused for was being done in the neiberhood of those who accused them. don't take me wrong, i think hitler was crazy, and that his wicked ideology or religion was the reason the intelligent German scientists, generals and all those people eventually suffered defeat. i am just saying that he wasn't the only crazy guy with beliefs of a master race.

The archives to all of this was first made available in 1960 when the practice became illegal in Virginia. that was around the time when it became illegal in most other countries that did the same thing like Denmark and Norway. Notice how it's northern Europeans who usually do this stuff.


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while the concepts may be the same, i feel there is a difference between preventing the mentally ill from reproducing, and slaughtering everyone of a particular race. the UK and the US didnt kill the mentally ill, the constitutionally weak, or anyone, there where cases where they felt that it was unaacceptable for them to reproduce. where as the germans, simply got on with the killing.


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OP is correct. The Jews are inferior (and who gives a shit about roaming gypsies and black people). I don't know why I always felt Germany had committed some sort of great evil, when clearly they were just misunderstood..


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This has nothing to do with what i wrote, what i am trying to point is that history is written by the victor. Who decides what its going to be, how many here knew that USA executed forced sterilization in an attempt to improve the human race?

Hall of shame thread?? why? all i wrote here is true and i wrote it to prove a point, just because it differs from you opinion or belief doesn't mean it's a bunch of stupid ignorant shit.

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yes, true. around 1935 hitler ordered the construction of 30 institution who was made to starve children to death who didn't fufill the requirements of the third reich.

Why? so because i am 16 i am suddenly stupid? i have actually watched quited a bit of documentaries, looked up stuff and read a bunch of stuff in a very good history magazine.


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