Why quads day = sick?

I break up my leg days into quad-dominant and hip-dominant. Why is it that I get nauseous when I hammer quads and I don’t really when I work hamstrings? I mean my quad day over any other day is the most difficult, draining day. Especially now that I’m cutting. Is it because quads are a bigger muscle group than hamstrings so there is more lactic acid buildup? Does anyone else experience this? The only other thing I can think of is that maybe my quad-dominant movements still involve a bit of glutes and hamstrings whereas the hip-dominant movements require less of hamstrings and other muscle groups. I don’t know.

this topic was just discussed a day or so ago, search for it, had a bunch of replies.

No, it wasn’t really. It was about why you get sick on leg day (hams & quads) in general. I’m wondering if anyone else gets sick on quad-dominated movement days much more than they do hip-dominated movement days. For some reason, hip-dominant days don’t seem as difficult or draining as quad-dominant days. I’m wondering why that is.