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Why People Hate on Anavar?


Seems that alot of people dont like idea of "Anavar Only" cycle,WHY???
Can someone post a detailed answer becasue i don't see the LEGIT facts for this reason,I want to,maybe someone can explain me.


"people who use anavar only cycles are pussies."

Credible source
Head medical Ad-visor University of Washington, Dr. Zeus


most Anavar is fake or winstrol


Anavar only cycle is a go to method for women.

For men, why the hell would you not want to use test? It's basic, harmless if you aren't a retard, and produces amazing results. Hell if anything run test+anavar.

Anavar is great, just often faked and it's more expensive than some choices.. Most people opt for winny because of those reasons. Depending on your source and your budget, anavar is a good oral.


you won't meet anyone who loves anavar more than me, and even I wouldn't recommend an anavar only cycle.

They don't do anything! Oh sure, you'll gain a pound or two if you're fairly inexperienced with steroids and you'll get a bit stronger, but if you add some test in there then truly magical things happen.

I think test + anavar is the best first cycle someone could do. Test only is good but anavar is a sweet addition.


Well my physique goal is looking something like Marc Fitt,Jeff Seid ,Zyzz,that size not bigger, and if i took test with anavar wont my natural test stop producing becasue of injecting test?and will i recover and keep 80% of my gains after i stop that cycle with test,becasue i dont want to use test bcs alot of people say they lose alot of the gains after but with anavar u gain maybe 5-8 pounds and pretty much keep them.Also with test isnt there higher chance of going bald etc.

I already ordered Anavar now i confused if i should take it or not becasuse people say u can never recover from it 100%,I want it ANAVAR only bcz i dont want to be completly depnded on roids,i would do cycle get that feel and then just drop it and if it went great maybe do another time with test or something.the thing is i dont want to gain alot of muscle from steroids.I wanna more lean and build a bit of more lean muscle thats it.


Are you serious with this shit? You aren't accidentally going to get bigger than Jeff seid.

You need to go read the beginners forum religiously for at least 6 months.


I know i wont and thats why i dont want to even get near that.I just gave you an image of what size i want to have,relax


you clearly have no fucking idea about anything to do with steroids. If I were you, I wouldn't touch anything.


I write what i read on different forms,so how can i learn when i get replys like that,knew it be useless to write,thanks anyway ill get by on my own somehow.


You just want to tone. SAY IT!


what the fuck did I just read????


This is funny and correct, you sir should get a gold sticker.


wrote everything i read on other forms ,posted this for someone to correct me,whats the problem?


so that means you knew it was wrong? riiiiiiight


when you read things, make sure of the date it was posted. there is tons of outdated info out there. try starting at the stickies at the top of this subform


Yeah thats exact problem that everything is out-dated so why attack me for asking all these questions?HOW CAN I LEARN updated info if you tell me to stop posting and never give me a good answer for me to understand


obviously i am not experianced in any of this but some of it has logical sense,i wrote what i read on internet with hope that people would correct the info i read becasue as you said your self alot of it is outdated ,riiight


Just go back to bb.com


dude just fuckin read around, gather opinions and do what you want. youre making it seem like youre trying to build a space shuttle or something.