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Why P+F late at night?

From what I’ve heard, the theory is that you eat your P+C meals earlier in the day or after your workout, so the body uses the carbs and doesn’t store them as fat. However, late at night, you’re “supposed” to eat protein and fat. Why is the fat any different from the carbohydrates? Won’t it still get stored?

thats a really good question, and I am keen to know the answers as well…

Bump for the both of us then…

Oh. I just remembered. I think it’s because without the carbohydrates elevating blood glucose levels, the fats aren’t as likely to be stored. Is this true? That seems like an answer that might make sense to me.

one word…insulin. look it up.

Hey guys,

Two points of reason for the use of P+F at bed time is:

  1. The fats help to further slow down the digestion process of the protein you are taking in. So the anti-catabolic effect you are looking for will last as long as possible.

2)In theory, by eating a small meal that contains P+F will put your body into fat burning mode. So when it is done digesting the fats that you ate, the hopes is it will continue to use stored fat as it’s primary source.

Hope that helps


Its still not really clear to me

Basically explaining Phill’s answer (not that he usually needs that):

  • In the later periods of the day (specially at night), you would want a slowly digested combination (like P+F), as the slow gastric emptying will keep your body fed (to some extent) during the night fast, something that should prevent catabolism (muscle decomposition) at that time.
  • Whenever you eat carbs, your body will release insulin to digest it (to put it simply). As long as the insulin is there, the body will not burn fat (hence the “forbidden” C+F meals, making the body store the fat as fat). Not consuming carbs at this relatively long period of time will cause your body to enter that “fat burning mode” Phill mentioned.

Besides, if your carb sensitivity is greater in the mornings, why not consume them all in the first half of the day, and consume the fats (which you need), in the second half.



I am not sure what you aren’t clear on?

This article from JB may help.

It covers much of what happens in your body during the overnight fast. It doesnt really cover the fat intake part, but I am not sure what you are still not clear on. It should help, I hope.


ditto P-dog and Phil

Think of it like this, what is the main purpose of Carbs in your diet? To provide energy, what good does it do to raise insulin levels before sleeping? You have just enhanced your fat storing capabilities and given your body time to effectively and effeciently do so.

now its clear, i did not know that as long as insulin is around, it prevents fat being burnt. It all makes sense now. Thanks Phil and all of u

While we are on this topic?-Phil-stellar answer by the way.

I have a question as well.

I was advised to take GLA(1200 mgs) as the source fat before bed. Supposedly it works well with fishoil and r-ala…synergistically in macronutrutient partioning and anti-inflamatory.

  1. Should I take the gla by itself after the protien?

  2. Should I take the gla and fishoil together?