Why Only 6 Reps in "Best Damn Workouts"?

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I love the program and it gives awesome results. I am curious to know why only 6 reps in the first two sets in the program and not 8 or 12 as the program is for hypertrophy ? What are you trying to manage here “the fatigue” or are you encouraging the trainees to go heavy ?

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Aren’t those ramp sets?

CT is big on activating protein synthesis and stopping there particularly for a natural.

Thanks usm. My question is more what is he trying to optimize ?

They are to get the muscles firing and contracting optimally for the real work sets.

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From 3 Reasons You Can't Train Like Steroid Users

"I’m not saying that light pump training doesn’t work for natural lifters. Hypertrophy can be stimulated with light weights if you go to failure. The problem is what happens in the body when very high reps are combined with light weights. Sure, you’ll eventually get maximum muscle-fiber recruitment as you build fatigue during the set, however, if it takes you 15 or 20 reps to “get there” instead of 6 to 8, then you’re spending twice as much glycogen to achieve the same effect.

Remember, the more energy (glycogen) you need to mobilize, the more cortisol release you’ll get! That’s why super-high rep work is not ideal for natural lifters, especially if you do a lot of sets."