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Why Oil?


Ok so I was trying to find some research that explains why certain steroids have to be oil based and couldn't find anything on the subject.

I was just wondering why say test couldn't be mixed in H2O as it would make it much easier to inject.

Anyway it was just something I was thinking about so if anyone has any good answers or could point me to some research that would be great!


I think that testosterone suspension is a water based steroid. I also think that being a water based injectable is why it burns like hell when you shoot it and also contributes to its short half life. But I could be wrong. I'm sure the home brewers have much more knowledge on this topic than I.


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Because you are trying to make a solution. That means something has to be soluble in some liquid.

Most all of the steroids we use on the dark side are fat soluble. That means for them to dissolve - they have to be dissolved in fat...or...oil.

You can dissolve test base (or test no ester) in water, but once you add an ester - it becomes fat soluble. Water just won't work. I am sure if you heated the water up hot enough, it would dissolve the steroids - but it will be just like trying to mix oil and water at that point.

Hope that helps out a little bit.


AH gotcha thanks bushy! That makes sense to me now.


It does thanks rainjack! Now you have me searching for why we add an ester to test base! Haha


Lol ok so test base has a half life of 1 hour, makes sense why we add an ester!


That is simply because of half-life. Esters extend the absorption time of the hormone into the body. The longer the ester - the longer the absorption time.


Man I wish steroids weren't frowned on so much as there must be a way to get the same benefits as long chain ester steroids but have it combine with water.

Oh well, until then I guess the heating pad will have to do!