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Why oh why!

So my wife has this vegetatrian friend who told her that those veggie dogs taste really really good. With the whole mad cow thing going on up here, I thought, hey how bad can they be and picked up a couple of packs at the grocery store.

What the heck are these things made of. They taste like someone took all the piles of unfinished paperwork off my desk, threw them in a campfire for a bit, and formed them into barely edible weiner shaped objects. I had one last night, and it was horrible. I actually felt sick after eating it. I thopght maybe it was because I wasn’t very hungry. So I brought some to work with me this morning, trying to convince me that they have a really good protien/carb/fat ratio. I had one, and threw the other two in the garbage. I actually don’t know of anything that tastes worse. I am suffering from the aftertaste as we speak…

I always feel guilty about throwing food away. I still have a dozen left. What to do!

No part of a vegetable can replace random cow parts, especially the tongue.

Actually, beef tongue is quite tasty, as long as you don’t know or think about what part you are eating.

Got anybody you’re pissed at? Give em to them for lunch. I would say feed em to the dog, but then the ASPCA would raise hell. Plus, it’s just wrong to feed that to a dog.

Hey Z-man,
Try leaving them out until they go stale/ dry out, then see if they burn. If they do, maybe you’ll have better luck with them by smoking them.

There’s really nothing in them that I would consider edible in the first place.