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Why Oats?


Just out of curiousity, what is it specifically about oats that makes them the only grain people on this site recommend? What would be wrong with any whole grain like eating barely or rye cereal for breakfast? Also, what if you bake using flour you make from grinding up oats? Is that considered just as healthy as eating regular oatmeal?


Oats are lower glycemic than most other grains. They are also among the least processed.


On top of being great low GI carb source they are LOADED with soluable fiber. The hard to find kind. Higher in relation than just about everything.

Fiber in general good. Soluable fiber the TOP DOG. Plus the damn stuff is Tasty with Metabolic Drive and cinnamon or fruit.


Insoluble fibre had benefits that soluble doesn't and vice versa. There is no top dog.


Where do you guys buy your oats? And what kind?
I have been looking in grocery stores and I can't find steel cut oats anywhere, only online.


WTF, you cant find steel cut oats in store? Where the hell do you live, under a rock?
Im gonna go over there and beat the crap out of the store owners because thats just wrong.
Even the really small and underdeveloped family owned stores have them around here.

If you want to buy online--just search google. Check ebay. Check amazon. and hopefully someone knows some cheap ass good brand that they want to share here.
Maybe ask your neighbors or something? Co-Workers? Try something through word of mouth...


Actually, I've found that it's really difficult to find steel-cut oats at most of the major store chains.

The only place I've found them locally is at Trader Joe's (an organic chain) and even then it's extremely expensive, about four dollars more than regular oats for a smallish container.


Steel cut oats are sometimes known as pinhead oats.


I've seen steel cut oats in regular grocery stores, I think in the cans.

If not, just ask management to start to carry it, they're usually good about that stuff. They won't know there's interest until someone speaks up.


Trader Joe's carries a brand of steel cut oats that does not come in a tin container -- it's the Country Choice brand and it sells for about the same price as the old fashioned oats. Should be in the same area of the store.


Damn right! That's my everyday breakfast.


Oats (avena sativa) also frees bound testosterone, I believe, if even to just some small extent.

Probably not as much though as cruciferous vegetables, which you'll see recommended just as often on this site.


They don't absolutely have to be steel cut oats.

I can't find them here anywhere, so I buy these large flake relatively unprocessed oats.

I have to go to a health food store to find this. Anything I can buy in a store has smaller flakes and appears to be processed to improve cooking times.

Even buying this at a health food store you'll find oats are an incredibly cheap food.


I've seen good deals online, like $40/50lb bag but I read that oats don't stay good for long and I won't be eating more than around 4cups/day. Not sure how many cups there are in a lb.(I know, not the same measurement....) There is a Trader Joe's near me but, I don't want to pay more than I have to as oats are going to be a staple of my diet.


Agreed. The "old fashioned" oats are just fine. You can get 5 lbs of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats for about $6 at Costco.


First, I love oats, hehe. Ground up in shakes, oatmeal, used as flower, etc. etc. I finally gave up on the grocery stores and found honeyville grain on line. http://www.honeyvillegrain.com/

You can buy just about anything in bulk here, including 50 pound bags of oats. Old fashioned, steel cut, pretty much anything. Oh, their prices are freakin' great, and they also sell big cans of powdered egg whites, LOL.


agreed - many foodstuffs that contain one also have the othe present.


Sam's or Costco. Very inexpensive.



Stick em in the fridge dude and oats will last for a VERY long time.