Why Not TRT for a Young Man?

I’m 26 years old. I hear a lot of people warn young men not to “jump on the TRT bandwagon”? Why? Please help me make an educated decision.

TSH 3.210 .450-4.500
T3 3.1 2.0-4.4
T4 1.67 .82-1.77

Testosterone, Serum 43 280-800
Testosterone, Free 1.7 9.3-26.5

Why do you have low levels to begin with. You can always try to kick start your own system back up first. Then if that fails go to TRT. Be sure you find someone who is going to go the distance with your treatment and test and treat for everything. Stay away from Anti-aging Clinics.

My own personal experience. They caused more problems than what I started with I just hope they can be corrected. I’ve heard the age thing since I was 18. I juiced and never got my own system to fire back up. Nobody would help when I told them how I got there and because of my age.

I have been self treating for 10yrs and now that I 30 and can get the help I need legally I’m pursuing Dr.s I don’t recomend what I have done. I’m seeing DR. Overbeck at the end of the month who was referred to me on this sight hopefully he can help level everything out. I’ll post how my visit goes and if I make any progress.

With your low levels, you would be insane not to go on trt. You obviously have a severe case of hypogonadism. If left untreated, you could face a very short life filled with all kinds of awful autoimmune diseases, heart problems, sexual dysfunction, obesity, etc…

It would be prudent of you to investigate the cause of your hypogonadism because you may have a more serious problem going on. One of the stickies addresses the causes.


what is your LH and FSH readings? Do you have primary or secondary hypogonadism? Do you have a pituitary tumor if secondary?

TSH looks terrible but T3/T4 don’t look bad. You need to get reading on your Free T4 and Free T3. I have to assume that your free T3 is in the toilet - not sure why else your TSH would be that high.

With such non-existent T levels, I would also check out Vit D, ferritin, blah blah blah (per the blood test sticky).

do you have any other results from the test? what symptoms do you have?

don’t just jump into treatment. look for the cause first so that you can take the least invasive option.

Touts get with a good DR in your area that specializes in finding the cause. I would not put a guy like this on TRT the dr would be a complete idiot to with out exhausting all probably causes. Where are you located may be we can give you some recommendation on who to go see in your area.

I have the top 4 in the USA IMO that are the best in this field and they are located in different areas of the USA. MY self and Dr O are located out side philadelphia if you are near north east. From my own person expeience that I wasted 7 years of my life chasing different dr’s so do not make the mistak I did when I could avoid TRT in the first place due to dr’s ignorance.

thanks for your thoughts guys…per your questions:

Don’t have the test results in front of me, but Cortisol was very unremarkable, LH and FSH were also normal. Dr. identified right away the TSH issue. That was what initially got me tested.

He’s ordering more labs…estradiol, dihydrotestosterone, cortisol, DHEA, as well as a retest of the initial labs. Also, a sperm count.

“I would not put a guy like this on TRT the dr would be a complete idiot to with out exhausting all probably causes.”
I’m not clear what this means…what is a guy like “this” that would make him a poor candidate?

-long psychiatric history of depression (despite group therapy, psychotherapy, and a very healthy attitude, pervasively anxious/depressed, even when treated for both)
-mental fatigue/lack of concentration
-low libido/sexual dysfunction (been an issue in ALL of my sexual relationship since i was about 19)
-low energy/resilience
-easily fatigued
-minimal exercise often results in overtraining injuries
-diet is SLAMMIN! high fat, high protein, tons of vegetables, very little processed foods

More specifically: What happens when someone goes on TRT “too early” that makes everyone warn so much to avoid it as long as possible? Are there diminishing returns over time that i don’t know about? Harm that accumulates with time?

Just asking questions…thanks fellas

your case sounds very similar to my own.
my T levels were 30 almost a year ago, and a doc prescribed me a T-cream. It didn’t do any good. after a month and a half, my T-levels were 80.

i’ve been supping with some vit-D and zinc for a month or two now, on my recent test T-levels were around 290. still low, but more improvement than the cream gave.

[quote]toatsmagoats wrote:
“I would not put a guy like this on TRT the dr would be a complete idiot to with out exhausting all probably causes.”
I’m not clear what this means…what is a guy like “this” that would make him a poor candidate?


Not to speak for HAN, but what he means by this is at your age with numbers that low, there is probably more to the puzzle than just low test. If you were in your 40’s with those numbers, that would be a different story (although the numbers would still be abysmally low). At your age, you should find out what is driving this. There are lots of possible causes (thyroid, adrenals, tumors, vitamin deficiency, etc.) and correcting the T without correcting the causes is basically putting a bandaid on an open wound–it will keep reopening unless you take the steps to heal it up.

thank you…that sounds incredibly reasonable. so it sounds like the consensus is to keep on with the lab testing?

GEt with a good Dr like Dr overbeck which many guys here have gone to and are extremely happy with results.