Why Not Take Superfood?

I take all the standard stuff, protein, creatine, glutamine, nitric oxide mixed in with lots of other stuff. I haven’t seen anyone talking much about Superfood. I eat all i can but fall way short on the veggies, and fruit. I personally think everyone should view Superfood like protein and not a supplement.

I like Daily Complete with 271 organic ingredients, and also do the GNC superfood. They both taste like crap. While i’m at it i would like to say that that Superpump 250 is some scary stuff. First jug got me pushing past all my sticking points.

i prefer eating actual real fruit, Waterbury wrote about trying to eat the rainbow of fruits a day, yellow/banana, red/apple etc., this is quite easy, have a 1 or 1/2 a piece of fruit after each of your days 1st few meals, i do something like this and rotate them each day or so;
meal 1:banana, blueberries
meal 2:apple
meal 3:small handful green grapes
meal 4:an orange
for the rest of the day i drop carbs(except post workout)
i dont take a multi v or any ‘superfood’ supplement, although i just started taking a B group vitamin.

i have a tub of Superfood that I take during times I don’t eat enough fruit or veges…but I end up putting some in my mid morning shake anyways…it’s good to have around

If it contains what they claim, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, then I feel it is a good idea to use it if your budget allows. Even though I make an effort to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, I still think a product like Superfood is a good idea.


Superfood is epic and should be consumed by all.

with all the research coming out about the health benefits of high polyphenol consumption, i can’t think of a reason to not take Superfood. dr sears and others sell similar probucts but when you take the orac value into account, Superfood is a ridiculous deal.

along with fish oil, i feel noticeably better when i take Superfood. my diet is already heavy on the vegetables but i still think it is worth it. it is a staple that i never intend to give up regardless of whether i ever face budgetary constraints.

you cannot put a price on your health.

if this site didn’t have the edge that is does, i would be directing my parents and all of their friends to purchase the product. being that T-Nation embraces an edgy attitude (something i love) that older folks might misinterpret, i keep this secret to myself for the most part.