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Why Not Protein Meals?


Why are you not supposed to eat pure protein meals? Berardi says to avoid them...to always have either carbs or fats with it (but not both)

Would it be bad to have just a Metabolic Drive shake as a snack with no added fats?


Not really hard to had carbs or fat to a Metabolic Drive shake, milled flax , olive oil or for carbs, wheat bread, bagels , fruits. Seriously there is endless possibilities.


No, it's not bad to just drink a protein shake. The fact that you are asking this though makes me wonder about your progress.


Is it becuase then you'll burn protein for fuel?


The time of day you workout should have no bearing on your carbohydrate intake.

I generally workout around this time (8:45pm EST) and trust me, even when dieting down I eat plenty of carbs during/post workout.

In terms of P + C after HIIT, I think it would generally be a good idea to have a pure whey shake with some simple carbs (maybe not a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio), but a piece of fruit, e.g. banana.

I'm sure some of the other guys can give you a good insight on their HIIT PWO nutrition because I generally only do low-moderate intensity cardio.


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Whether you burn protein for fuel is dependant on many variables. The most obvious of which is your TOTAL DAILY CALORIC INTAKE. Obviously, if you are eating more in an effort to gain, your body will not begin using protein for fuel unelss your entire diet has been devoid of carbohydrates in excess of protein intake.

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