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Why Not Inject Once Every 2 Weeks?


I keep seeing on body building and 'steriod' forums that you need to inject at least once a week if not more. Why is that? From what I kind find the half-life of cypionate is at least 8 days so why do we need to do it more often than that? I'm just looking for good solid reasoning to explain to my doctor why the need for more frequent injections other than "some guy on the internet said so......." Thanks!

Of course I can give him my personal experience of severe mood swings and insomnia!



Injecting testosterone once a week induces spikes in testosterone levels followed by lows. This can make many feel bad or worse at the end of the week than their pre-TRT state. As time goes on the dead zone gets wider and they feel no relief with injections. These feel much better injecting twice a week or even EOD [every other day].

Injecting every 2, 3 or 4 weeks is horrible. You need to self inject and inject frequently. With frequent injections the volumes are very small and one can inject in the quads [vastus lateralis] with #29 0.5ml 0.5" [50iu] insulin syringes.

These are slow to load but injection times are reasonable as the small plunger diameters create very high pressures. Do not use 1.0ml syringes. This same size syringe can be used for hCG injections, which are also SC.

EDIT: Injecting EOD [sometimes written as E2D] or E3D [every third day] can be a difficult schedule. You can set up reminders or appointments in calendar software, such as MS Outlook, for E2D or E3D etc.

Small needles will reduce muscle damage. Some use #25 1" needles, but this may not be any "faster" than the above 50iu insulin needles.

You do not need to inject into your gluts with 1.5" needles!

Canadian clinical research has demonstrated that TRT by SC [under the skin injections into body fat] produce steadier testosterone levels and improves sense of well-being. Feel free to find out what is more comfortable for you.


If you want to go on a roller coaster ride from hell be my guess going from T levels of 1400 -1600to 300 SUCKS over 14 day peroid suchs !! E2 side effects and balancing it is even worse..


This is a place where testosterone replacement for hypogonadism is discussed - not steroid use for bodybuilding.



And this is why I prefer and believe gels are better than injections. It's also part of the reason why gels were created.


I was looking for scientific evidence to support injecting more frequently. Not what a guy on the internet says. The literature that comes with testosterone cypionate directs injection frequency of hypogonadanal (sp?) males every two to four weeks. Not trying to be an ass or anything. I believe you guys from personal experience! On Epocrates it states for male hypogonadism "50-400mg IM q2-4wk". The only thing realistic I can show my doctor is the paper by Doctor Crisler "My current best thoughts on how to administer TRT for men". And even he suggests weekly injections not the twice weekly or EOD method on here.


Why would you have to show your doctor anything that supports this anyways? My doctor thinks that i inject once every 14 days. However i just do it myself and inject twice weekly. Theres no way for him to tell...i mean you could try both ways and see which one makes you feel better.


What some guy is saying on here has been used in our practice for several years with great success. Funny that ksman, pmgamer, and my self started doing this years ago. since many thousands of men read our posts having tremendous success with less need for AI.


(1) Inject once every 2 weeks IM.

(2) One week after injection date, initiate Androget/Testim. stop on date of next inject.

(3) Pay cash to doc who injects.

Realize that most HRT for most of us is worthless.


To the OP: Just buy some 0.5cc insulin syringes online and break the injection into 4 smaller injections. Inject once every 3.5 days. Your doctor doesn't need to be convinced.


Because the old product literature for T ester injections refers to injecting ever two weeks, the T-gel producers did studies showing that their products created smoother levels than the injections done every two weeks. That is really profound.

If the comparison was against injecting twice a week or EOD they would not have had anything to brag about. They are comparing their daily use product to worst injection practice.

You are doing the same thing. That is intellectually bankrupt.


I think you guys are right on! I think it might be wise to not mention injection frequency to doc and just ask for the self administered injections. I didn't mean to come across as a confrontational jerk or something! I was just looking for medical evidence type stuff to present to doc. I don't know why I'm so nervous about talking to him about this..... Thanks everybody! I have an appt today...I'll let you guys know how it goes....


Everything went just fine. I don't know why I was so nervous about it. The doc agreed to let me self-inject!


Gels were made to make a ton of money for top pharma executives and congressmen/senators. And to drive up the cost of insurance for everyone with insurance. There is some benefit of gels but not worth the $119 per month for generic gel vs $9.10 for injectable. Its price is lousy even as generic.