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Why Not Clomid for Life?

Thought id start a thread like this. In my first thread here i expressed fears of trt. Im still searching and researching.

Main question for me, like the title states, why not clomid over trt for LIFE? Im interested to read the user pros and cons. Ive been on clomid for 5 years. I feel mostly ok. Im type 2 hypogonadal. 38yro soon to be 39.
My docs dont want me on clomid but their reasons for switching me always come up short. “Theres just not enough data”

Sorry, not good enough. Not convinced yet.


Liver toxicity for one, also it’s probbaly not a good idea to “trick” antagonize your brain receptors especially for long term. Clomid is MUCH much expensive than TRT, in Canada 10 25mg pills are about $80, a bottle of T lasts 6 months at a TRT dose and costs less than $100. If you do want to go the SERM way I would recommend Enclomiphene - it’s clomid without it’s nasty estro side effects.

I pay $15 for 2 month supply. Basically 30 pills in this white box. Do you know of any science by chance for liver issues on clomid. Every study i find always says its safe but “needs more research” kinda stuff. :confused:

With liver issues, i assume that doesnt change with Enclomiphene?

It’s less liver toxic than pro hormones but still not without its effects. I guess with regular bloodwork you can keep an eye on liver values. Enclomiphene feels much better than clomid because there’s no zuclomiphene that causes all the moody estrogen side effects not sure about difference in liver effects.

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I wonder if long term clomid can mess you up enough that trt wouldnt work.

I think that If you feel ok on clomid I would not mess around with changing your protocol you could end up in a worse situation. I think despite if your on clomid or try they both take some type of toll on your liver. I would say the bigger picture is how you feel and just monitor your liver function with blood work and also you can do things to help cleanse the liver to promote better functioning.

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Just turned 40 in may. Clomid is certainly the easier way to raise your levels. I was on it for around 6 months and a very low dose which made my levels ideal.
It was very pricey at my pharmacy and then I called around and other pharmacies had it at half the cost so check around.
I’ve considered stopping injections and going back on it just to see how I feel but want to give injections more time.
The only concern I had was the vision issues but I think thats at the higher dosage.

I get vision issus actually. Floaters and tracers at night. It’s been doing that for 5 years. I just got used to it.