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Why No Physical Pain On Cycle?


Hello, and Thank you for reading my post (especially if you get to the end and reply.)

I had a lateral release and chondroplasty on my right knee 2 years ago and a plica removal and chondroplasty on my left knee 1.5 years ago. 3 months ago both knee scans showed my patella alignment to be barely within the limits… But they were within limits so apparently it was a matter of physio from here. I have recently seen my orthopaedic surgeon and he could not give me any answers regarding testosterone usage and it’s positive effects on my knees.

My first cycle comprised of testosterone enanthate 500 mg and deca 200 mg ew for 13 weeks. I began squatting up to 40kg with no grinding and life was looking up… All except the horrible excess hormone side effects. (I don’t believe having a wife who was just about to/just had a baby (who doesn’t want to have sex) and being on cycle really mix.)

Anyway I did a PCT of Clomid, recovered and after five months off I decided to go back on again. Five months with about four of those grinding knee pain again.

Whilst on a testosterone cycle of 550mg per week for 16 weeks (and 250mg ew Deca for 10 weeks) this time i was not experiencing noticeable grinding of the patella femoral joint. However I was not feeling the nice joint effects of Deca I did last cycle so I ceased it. I think it was bunk to be honest because the first cycle I could notice the Deca night and day.

I have been off cycle now 4 weeks and have just walked approximately 4.5 kilometres at a relatively fast pace with my dog and I am experiencing piercing pain in the left knee. Actually three weeks off my legs are screwed again.

My uncle has muscular myopathy and has great difficulty being able to walk normally. Well he can’t. His symptoms arose around his early 40’s and I’m 33 and I’m currently freaking out. Orthopaedic surgeons just keep telling me to go to physiotherapists. Physios keep telling me my VMO and quads are coming along nicely. I keep getting knee pain and grinding.

I have a referral for a neurosurgeon who diagnosed my uncle’s condition correctly after lots of doctors had no idea. I Wil be calling them tomorrow. I have a very understanding GP who will prescribe whatever I want as long as it’s not going to mess my life up or cause addiction etc.

My main question is… Why is it when I am on cycle I do not get grinding or any pain in my patellofemoral joint? When on cycle I did no leg workouts at the gym but I would walk my dog between 1 and 5 kilometres per day everyday without fail. I would also regularly do mechanical work where I may be picking up a 50 kilo trolley jack obviously with good squat form every time I lifted anything in the shed. Every time during the day that I have to pick something up I would squat to do so as well.


You need to google more, anabolics help with joints especially deca. I have a torn shoulder and two messed up wrists, when on my old deca cycle i was benching 250+ incline with 0 pain but after I came off i could start feeling the joints and shoulders hurt again, this is why you need to be careful when taking potent compounds that you dont increase lifts too fast, your body is “padded” by the aas…but once it wears off…the pain will come.