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Why No Legumes on Paleo Diet?


why is this? How do legumes negatively affect one?


They don't. Stop believing everything you read.


They have teh allergens that cause every modern disease. Everyone is severely intolerant to them.


^^^^^ and that fact can't be argued lol.


Because they have to be cooked to be eaten.


^^ Yeah, I hate cooking my peanuts before snacking.


arent all peanuts roasted or boiled?




the avatars made clicking on this thread worth it.



That's one good-lookin' jack-o-lantern.


"Why No Legumes on Paleo Diet?"

Because some people in the Paleo Crew say so!


I'm not sure why they're not included. I know this though. When I would make chili for my work meals and eat it multiple times a day, I would get stuffed and lose my appetite. I think they are ok in moderation, but the way I cook my meals and eat they just don't cut it. Legumes clog me up just like grains even though they have tons of fiber.

I've started eating quinoa and the clogged feeling is not a problem. It's pretty simple to me. If I can't eat something numerous times in a day, then I prolly shouldn't eat much of it anyways.


...you eat raw peanuts?


I don't even like peanuts.
But they exist.


Did anyone ever stop and think that perhaps the Paleo Squad is filled with loonies who make up one restriction after another simply because it feels good to many people to be part of some battle scarred cult for which only its members understand these restrictions and that belonging to any sort of group - a gang, a posse, a fraternal organization - simply feels good in itself?


Yep. Most of them look better than dietitians too. It's weird.


Actually your comparison is weird too, considering you didn't explain what a dietitian's competence in a dietitian's professional role has anything to do with Paleo dieting.

Can you explain?

Can you also explain why some of the best physiques ever built didn't follow a Paleo diet. I mean that's strange too. You got Dorian Yates eating several pounds of rice, pasta, lentils, and dry cereals, and he managed to be a top notch Olympia competitor, let alone a winner.

This whole convo has gotten strange.


Come to think of it, in all my years as a dietitian, I never once had to get shirtless for an interview.

I'm confused. :frowning:


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