Why No Delt Soreness?

I’ve got a dilemma; well actually I just want an explanation. With every body part that I exercise, I am sore the day after, except for only one body part-The delts. Please elucidate the reasoning behind them not being sore after pounding them. I do no less than six exercises for every body part, but for some reason my delts just do not get sore.

Are my delts just efficient at repairing, or am I not hittin them hard enough? For any other body part, if I hardly do anything then they’re not sore because they weren’t challenged.

Also, immature people-stay out. I don’t feel like hearing shit like “I can hit ur delts to make them sore lolol”

I get the same damn thing. I’m still getting developement but just not “feeling it”. What gives?

I’ve been doing farmers walks, barbebell holds and, power shrugs for a few months now consistently increasing in weight.

Couple nights ago I went for an all out max/intensity w/o only with these 3 exercises.

I started out with three sets of heavy barbell holds.

Then did 4 sets of explosive shrugs - Bar just above knees, bent over, plates sitting on box. As I exploded up and shurgged I went to my tip toes.

And last. 4 sets of farmers walks. Man this is def. one of my fav. lifts!

Next day, and still 3 days later my delts are screaming! More so than my forearms or traps.

Close this thread-I replaced Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raises with Lying Side Laterals and kept my other exercises.

They now are jelly.