Why Nervous?

What is it that makes some people get so nervous in public speaking type situations? I have a couple of presentations for work this week and for some reason I automatically get nervous. I remember JR Highschool when I was nervous because I didn’t want to look like a dork or something… but now I really don’t care too much what anyone thinks. It kind of just seems like an automatic reaction to public speaking, I don’t let it hold me back but it’s definitely annoying… especially when I can’t put my finger on an exact reason. I just wanted to see what other people thought about this.

I guess it’s a fear of looking like a fool in front a group of your peers.

I get the same way, to the point where my mouth goes dry which makes it worse. Then I feel like my face gets red, then I feel like people are staring, which makes it a vicious cycle.

Best thing to do is just get in front of people and hone your speaking skills.

You should see me at a border crossing. I might as well just get out of the vehicle, walk inside, bend over, and spread my cheeks. All the while babbling about how guilty I am.

While in reality, I’m as clean as a priest’s jokes.

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To be honest, I don’t know why it happens. I know that as you do it in front of the same group again it gets easier.

To help you calm down a bit, know exactly what you’re going to say when you first walk up there. After the first sentence or two, you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) memorize the rest of the speech, except perhaps the very last line.

Many performers are nervous in front of large groups. Janet Jackson used to write that she would get sick to the stomach before every performance. I made myself get over it. I sang in front of large groups of people or at clubs. I don’t have a problem with it now and usually can do it fairly comfortably. You gain a lot of strength by performing in front of others. You learn more about yourself if you can force yourself to face it and overcome it. Some don’t have the strength to do so.

just pop a couple of Kava’s and you’ll be alright.

Know what’s odd? I feel completely at ease speaking in front of audiences but feel lots of fear in more normal social situations.

Does Kava really do anything? I had my first presentation today, it went fine… one more to go on Wednesday!

[quote]MJT wrote:
Does Kava really do anything? I had my first presentation today, it went fine… one more to go on Wednesday![/quote]

Kava takes the edge off without making you a zombie.

I took a 3 day intensive seminar on public speaking a couple of years ago and it helped tremendously.

I am much more comfortable and give better presentations because I am much more prepared.