Why Metabolic Drive?

I use many supps from Biotest, but I don’t use Metabolic Drive, although I’m compelled to try it.

I use ON Whey and Casein several times a day added with olive oil. I have been gaining muscle and I don’t get any digestive issues from it. The reason I use ON is because it’s cheaper, allowing me to get about 25% more servings for the same price.

I have no problem spending 30% more for Metabolic Drive if there are REAL reasons to do so. Taste is not a deciding factor for me, I just suck the shakes down anyway.

From what I’ve read here, the main reasons people use Metabolic Drive are taste and stomach issues. Those issues don’t apply to me.

I’m very willing to listen, just don’t like to spend more money if I don’t need to.


I too use ON whey and casein. Metabolic Drive is a blend of the two I believe. Its all about personal preference.

Why don’t you give it a shot and give us the verdict?