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Why Meltdown and Certain Pre/Post WO Shakes Are Incompatible

Today, as I was doing my meltdown and sweating and all, I saw this FAT dude who literally looked like a BALL with four sticks hanging out (arms/legs), who was hanging around where I was. He was doing some machine workouts (I think it was the chest press or something – I wasn’t really paying attention), and suddenly he stopped and started drinking his “workout” drink, which was a 20oz bottle of DIET COKE! I started to laugh, and it was not a good thing while trying to complete your meltdown and laugh at the same time.

BTW – saw one HUGE dude who was doing biceps curls at the rack. I’d have rolled my eyes, but I didn’t cuz he was doing bi curls w/ 135 lbs. (If you’d recall, TC’s Atomic Dawg said that unless you’re going to curl at least 135 lbs, you should stay away.) Damn.

maybe he read the “solving the post workout puzzle” articles and gathered that simple carbs are good fo post workout nutrition.

P- : Coke is sweetened by high fructose corn syrup, which isn’t a good pre/post WO carb.

omg, i was being sarcastic.

Uh, diet coke is sweetened with Aspartame, not fructose… and thus has very few calories.

But it is still a pretty stupid thing to drink while working out.


I think Diet Coke is sweetened with aspartame, not fructose–so it has less than one calorie per serving.

But that doesn’t make it a terribly good workout drink, either.


How’d his form on the curls look :wink: I hve yet to see someone actually use proper form doing culs in the squat rack. Seems that the people who know how to do them don’t have an ego, so they stay out of the squat rack when they do them.

Yesterday I saw some jackoff doing barbell curls with JUST THE BARBELL
while monopolizing the squat rack. He was lucky the other one was open or
I woulda stuck that thing up his big fat butt. God I hate that! You’re right
about curling 135 too. I have seen people trying to do it, but it’s usually like
a bicep power clean with a practically nonexistant negative. I really hate
seeing most of the stuff that people do in the gym…

Sorry to hijack, but for those of you that do perform curls, where do you typically do them? From the floor? From a rack of some sort? To prevent green eggs & ham jokes, I’ll stop there.

Wow, that’s fun. How’d that post get there?

Screw this, the above post was supposed to be in a different thread about another post in a different thread. This new server thing is really working out well. :slight_smile:

He was doing curls. REAL curls. Good form. Hence no annoyed dirty look from me (my gym has only two racks)