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Why McDonald's is still cool...

In light of the pleas from the masses (or at least all the T-men in my email address book), I present to you the coolest thing that I’ve seen all week. Special thanks to JC#10 for hooking me up.

They did NOT do that!!
I will BOW down to MCDonald’s if they had the balls. (wont eat their crap but I will very respectively bow down to them).

Ha! Perfect!

haha that shit is funny! where did you get that? oh yeah, wait i sent it to you! hey at least someone realized jared has no testicles. i gotta admit, we bash mcd’s a lot, but if that’s true, that store deserves a t-award. think of it this way. your gonna put more bulk on (notice i said bulk, not lean muscle mass or get ripped) eating at mcd’s than jared’s 15 cal/day tardway diet.

I’m calling bs…oh wait, this isn’t a physique shot.

The things you can do with PhotoShop. The possibilities are endless!

It seems to me that the vehicles in that picture are a bit old, several years prior to the Subway Diet. Speaking of which, in those commercials Jared seemed happier when he was fat! You also notice they never show him without a long sleeve shirt on. Wonder why?