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Why MAG-10?

I apologise if this is (A)a silly question or (B)has been asked before but…Why is MAG-10 called MAG-10?

There’s two stories about this. One rumor has it that Tim spent thousands of dollars on phone calls to Miss Cleo for psychic advice, doing a Tarot reading for every conceivable combination of letters and numbers. (I heard this from Chris Shugart.) And thus was the MAG-10 name born.

But TC said that was NOT true – instead the name resulted from a drinking contest between Tim and Brock. After going through countless shots of Patron tequila and snifters of Remy Martin XO, always followed by
Thunderbird wine chasers from a particularly fine month, Tim had his brainstorm while under the table. Brock had already passed out.

You’ll have to decide. I don’t know.

VERY PROFOUND BILL! :slight_smile: